IBM Infosphere Datastage Certification Training

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About Course

The data integration part of IBM InfoSphere Information Server is called IBM InfoSphere DataStage. It offers a graphical framework for creating tasks that transfer data between source and target systems. Data marts, operational data stores, real-time web services, messaging platforms, and other enterprise applications can all receive the modified data. Both the extract, transform, and load (ETL) and extract, load, and transform (ELT) patterns are supported by InfoSphere DataStage. Enrol today to earn your certification.

IBM Infosphere Datastage Training Course Syllabus

Module-1 Data Warehouse Fundamentals

✔ An Introduction of Data warehousing
✔ Purpose of Data warehouse
✔ Data ware Architecture
✔ OLTP Vs Data warehouse Applications
✔ Data Marts
✔ Data warehouse Lifecycle

Module-2 Data Modeling

✔ Introduction of Data Modeling
✔ Entity-Relationship Model
✔ Dimensions and Fast Tables
✔ Logical Modeling
✔ Physical Modeling
✔ Schemas Like Star Schema & Snowflake Schemas
✔ Fact less Fact Tables

Module-3 Process of ETL (Extraction, Transaction @Load)

✔ Introduction of Extraction, Transformation, and Loading
✔ Types of ETL tools
✔ Key tools in the market

Module-4 IBM Infosphere Datastage Installation process

✔ Windows server
✔ Oracle
✔ .NET
✔ Datastage 7.5X2 & 8x&9x

Module-5 Difference

✔ Server jobs & Parallel jobs

Module-6 Components in Datastage

✔ Administrator client
✔ Designer client
✔ Director client
✔ Import/export manager
✔ Multi-client manager
✔ Console for IBM information server
✔ Web console for IBM information server

Module-7 Introduction to IBM infoSphere Datastage and Quality Stage

✔ Datastage Introduction
✔ IBM Information server Architecture
✔ IBM Data Quality Architecture
✔ Enterprise Information Integration
✔ Web Sphere DataStage Components

Module-8 IBM Infosphere Datastage Designer

✔ About Web Sphere DataStage Designer
✔ Partitioning Methods
✔ Partitioning Techniques
✔ Designer Canvas
✔ Central Storage
✔ Job Designing
✔ Creating the Jobs
✔ Compiling and Run the Jobs
✔ Exporting and importing the jobs
✔ Parameter passing
✔ System(SMP) & Cluster system(MPP)
✔ Importing Method(Flat file, Txt, Xls, and Database files)
✔ OSH Importing Method
✔ Configuration file

Module-9 Parallel Palette

✔ Databases stages

✔ Oracle Database
✔ Dynamic RDBMS
✔ SQL Server
✔ Teradata

✔ File Stages

✔ Sequential File
✔ Dataset
✔ Lookup File set

✔ Dev/Debug Stages

✔ Peek
✔ Head
✔ Tail
✔ Row Generator
✔ Column Generator

✔ Processing Stages

✔ Slowly changing dimension stage
✔ Slowly changing dimensions implementation
✔ Aggregator
✔ Copy
✔ Compress
✔ Expand
✔ Filter
✔ Modify
✔ Sort
✔ Switch
✔ Lookup
✔ Join
✔ Marge
✔ Change Capture
✔ Change Apply
✔ Compare
✔ Difference
✔ Funnel
✔ Remove Duplicate
✔ Surrogate Key Generator
✔ Pivot stage
✔ Transformer

✔ Containers

✔ Shared Containers
✔ Local Containers

Module-10 IBM Infosphere Datastage – Director

✔ About DS Director
✔ Validation
✔ Scheduling
✔ Status
✔ View logs
✔ Monitoring
✔ Suppress and Demote the Warnings
✔ Peek view

Module-11 IBM Infosphere Datastage Administrator

✔ Create Project
✔ Delete Project
✔ Protect Project
✔ Environmental variables
✔ Auto purge
✔ Commands Execute
✔ Multiple Instances
✔ Job Sequence Settings

Module-12 Job Sequence Area

✔ Job Activity
✔ Job sequencer
✔ Start loop Activity
✔ End loop Activity
✔ Notification Activity
✔ Terminator Activity
✔ Nested Condition Activity
✔ Exception handling Activity
✔ Execute Command Activity
✔ Wait for the file Activity
✔ User variable Activity
✔ Adding Check Points

  1. Create Project
  2. Delete Project
  3. Protect Project
  4. Environmental variables
  5. Auto purge
  6. RCP
  7. OSH
  8. Commands Execute
  9. Multiple Instances
  10. Job Sequence Settings


Module-13 Basic IBM Infosphere Datastage Quality stage

✔ Data Quality
✔ Data Quality Stages
✔ Investigate Stage
✔ Standardize Stage
✔ Match Frequency Stage
✔ Reference Match Stage
✔ Unduplicated Match Stage
✔ Survive Stage

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IBM Infosphere Datastage Training FAQ'S

What is IBM DataStage?

One of the most potent ETL tools is DataStage. It includes the capability of graphical data integration visualizations. Data from the source is extracted, changed, and loaded to the target.

An integrated suite of tools called DataStage is used for planning, creating, running, compiling, and managing applications. Data can be extracted from one or more sources, converted into several parts, and then loaded into one or more target files or databases.

Describe the Architecture of DataStage?

DataStage follows the client-server model. It has different types of client-server architecture for different versions of DataStage.

DataStage architecture contains the following components.

  • Projects
  • Jobs
  • Stages
  • Servers
  • Client Components
Explain the DataStage Parallel Extender (PX) or Enterprise Edition (EE)?

DataStage PX is an IBM data integration tool. It is one of the most widely used extractions, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools in the data warehousing industry. This tool collects information from various sources to perform transformations as per the business needs and load data into respective data warehouses.

DataStage PX is also called as DataStage Enterprise Edition.

Describe the main features of DataStage?

The main features of DataStage are as follows.

  • DataStage provides partitioning and parallel processing techniques which allow the DataStage jobs to process an enormous volume of data quite faster.
  • It has enterprise-level networking.
  • It’s a data integration component of IBM
  • InfoSphere information server.
  • It’s a GUI-based tool.

Get ahead in your career by learning DataStage through VISWA Online Trainings

What are some prerequisites for DataStage?

For DataStage, following set ups are necessary.

  • InfoSphere
  • DataStage Server 9.1.2 or above
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010 Express Edition C++
  • Oracle client (full client, not an instant client) if connecting to an Oracle database
  • DB2 client if connecting to a DB2 database


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