SAP MM (Material Management) Certification Training

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About Course

Our SAP MM Training, Professionals Training will progress their careers. Additionally, the freshmen can benefit from our SAP MM Training for Freshers to advance their careers in this area. Commercial software called SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) merges all the data into a single program while taking into account a number of variables, including time and cost. With SAP’s assistance, organizations may simply meet their business demands. Enrol right away to get certified.

SAP MM Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to ERP

✔ ERP Packages
✔ Introduction to SAP
✔ Functions and Objectives of SAP MM
✔ SAP Real-Time Project Team Structure and Business Process
✔ SAP R/3 Architecture

✔ SAP Navigation Organizational structure of an Enterprise in the SAP R/3 System

✔ The company, Company code, Controlling Area, Plant, Storage Location, Purchase Organization, Purchasing group

Master Data (SAP MM)

✔ Material Master
✔ Vendor Master
✔ Purchase Info Record
✔ Source Determination
✔ Source List
✔ Quota Arrangement


✔ Purchase Requisition
✔ Purchase Order
✔ Request For Quotation (RFQ)
✔ Outline Agreement
✔ Contracts
✔ Schedule Agreement

Document Types for Purchasing Documents

✔ Define Document Type
✔ Define Number Ranges for Document Types
✔ Define Screen Layout At Document Level

Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents

✔ Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Request For Quotation (RFQ), Outline
✔ Agreement- Contracts, Schedule Agreement

Pricing Procedure

✔ Maintain Condition Table
✔ Define Access Sequence
✔ Maintain Condition Table
✔ Define Condition Types
✔ Define Calculation Schema
✔ Define Schema Group

✔ Schema Group Vendor
✔ Schema Group for Purchasing Organization
✔ Assignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization

✔ Define Schema Determination

✔ Determine Calculation Schema for Standard Purchase Orders

External Service Management

✔ Service Master Creation
✔ Model Service Specifications – MSS
✔ Service PO
✔ Service Entry Sheet

Optimized Purchasing

✔ Automatic PO w ref to PR
✔ Automatic PO at GR

Inventory Management

✔ Movement types
✔ Goods Receipt
✔ Goods Issue
✔ Transfer Postings

✔ Transfer Posting from Stock to Stock
✔ Transfer Posting from Plant to Plant
✔ Transfer Posting from Sloc to Sloc

✔ Return Delivery to vendor
✔ Initial Entry of Stock Balances
✔ Reservations

Physical Inventory

✔ Types of Physical Inventory
✔ Creating Physical Inventory Document
✔ Entering Physical Inventory Count
✔ List Of Inventory Differences
✔ Post the Difference

Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types

✔ Consignment
✔ Stock transport order
✔ Subcontracting
✔ Pipeline
✔ Returnable transport packaging – RTP
✔ Third-Party Processing

Valuation and Account Determination

✔ Introduction to Material Valuation
✔ Split Valuation
✔ Configure Split Valuation
✔ Defining Global Categories
✔ Defining Global Type
✔ Defining Local Definition& Assignment

Invoice Verification

✔ Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
✔ Invoice for Purchase Order
✔ Unplanned Delivery Costs
✔ Planned Delivery Costs
✔ Credit Memo
✔ Blocking the Invoice
✔ Releasing Blocked Invoices
✔ Subsequent Debit/Credit
✔ Automatic Settlements (ERS, Consignment, Pipeline)
✔ GR/IR Account Maintenance
✔ Parking Invoice Document

Integration Concepts

✔ Integration of MM with FI/CO

✔ Automatic Account Determination

✔ Integration of SAP MM with SAP SD

✔ Stock Transport Order (STO)
✔ Intra Company Stock Transfer
✔ Inter-Company or Cross Company Stock Transfer

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SAP MM Training FAQ'S

What is SAP MM? / What do you understand by SAP MM?

Systems, Applications, & Products in Data Processing is what SAP is said to stand for. Material management and procurement handling are the two functional areas of SAP MM. Material Management is referred to as MM in SAP MM. To complete the purchase-to-pay process, the SAP MM module includes master data, material value, invoice verification, material requirement planning, system configuration, transactions, etc.

What are the key advantages of SAP MM or SAP Material Management?

SAP MM is one of the largest functional modules in SAP. This module mainly deals with the Procurement Process, Master Data (Material & Vendor Master), Inventory Management, Valuation of Material & Account Determination, Material Requirement Planning, Invoice Verification, etc.

Following are the main key advantages of SAP MM or SAP Material Management:

  • SAP MM reduces material costs by avoiding stocking unnecessary or obsolete materials.
  • In SAP MM, inventory losses are minimized because it provides multi-location inventory.
  • SAP MM reduces direct labor costs, and labor can be used efficiently.
  • It can improve the delivery time and increase transparency across the organization.
  • It provides lot and serial traceability.
What are the main master files used in SAP MM?
  • Material master file
  • Inventory master file
  • Vendor master file
What are the most necessary components of SAP MM or SAP Material Management?
  • Vendor Selection
  • Source determination
  • Invoice Verification
  • Order Processing
  • Order follow up
  • Determine requirements
  • Goods receipts and Inventory management

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