Dell Boomi Certification Training

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Duration :  25 Days

About Course

Dell Boomi is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for integrating apps and data from the cloud and on-premises systems. The platform enables users to transmit data across cloud-based and on-premises apps and develop cloud-based integration procedures known as Atoms. What is required for integration is specified for each Atom. Enrol today to earn your certification.

Dell Boomi Training Course Syllabus

Day #1

✔ Boomi Overview
✔ Account access
✔ Dell Boomi platform
✔ Runtime Engine – Setup

✔ Atom
✔ Atom Directory Structure

✔ Simple Integration

✔ Disk Retrieval

Day #2

✔ Disk to Disk Integration
✔ Map shape
✔ Dell Boomi suggest
✔ Combine Documents
✔ Set Dynamic Document Property

Day #3

✔ FTP Connection
✔ Conditions

✔ Decision
✔ Route
✔ Business Rules
✔ Branch

✔ Set Dynamic Process Property
✔ Set Process Property

Day #4

✔ Deploy tab
✔ Atom Management tab
✔ Process Reporting tab
✔ Process Triggering
✔ Scheduling

Day #5

✔ Database Connection
✔ Simple Integration – Database Retrieval
✔ Salesforce Connection
✔ Simple Integration – Salesforce Retrieval

Day #6

✔ Salesforce to Database Insert
✔ Salesforce to Database Update

Day #7

✔ Database to Salesforce Insert
✔ Database to Salesforce Update
✔ Database to Salesforce Split and Combine

Day #8

✔ Database to Salesforce Upsert
✔ Connector Call
✔ Cross Reference Table

Day #9

✔ Exception Handling
✔ Exception Sub-process

Day #10

✔ Main Process
✔ Process Call (Sub Process)
✔ Components – Find Changes, Cleanse

Day #11

✔ Webservice SOAP client
✔ HTTP Client

Day #12

✔ Simple Web service Server
✔ Salesforce Web service Server

Day #13

✔ JMS Integration

Day #14

✔ Successfactors Integration

Day #15

✔ User Management
✔ Roles and Permissions
✔ Email Alerts setup
✔ Licencing

Day #16

✔ Mappings

✔ Map Functions

✔ Function Order specific to EDI

✔ Cache Implementation

✔ Add to Cache
✔ Load from Cache

✔ Deploy and Updeploy process
✔ Scheduling the process
✔ Versioning

Day #17

✔ Administration

✔ Execute process.
✔ Rerunning the documents in Process reporting.
✔ Viewing process execution documents.
✔ Viewing process and document logs.
✔ Setting predefined tracking fields.
✔ Creating custom/use defined tracing fields.

Day #18

✔ QA

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Dell Boomi Online Training FAQ'S

What are the skills that are required when it comes to configuring the Atmosphere?

It is not necessary to have any advanced IT or technical knowledge in order to configure the atmosphere. This assignment is simple to complete if you have a basic understanding of data integration, administration, analysis, and development. Thus, it won’t pose any significant difficulties for anyone to accomplish.

How Cloud-Computing is beneficial for an organization?

In essence, it is a strategy that enables the organisation to access anything from remote servers in the cloud rather than from a physical server that is located on-site. The major advantage is that they won’t have to worry about server maintenance or downtime. Of course, the provider of cloud computing is accountable.

The cost benefit comes next. Any organisation can make significant financial savings by choosing to use cloud computing services rather than spending money on its own servers.

What is the best thing you find about the Atmosphere approach in Boomi?

The best feature is how easy the integration procedure is. Additionally, utilising the Atmosphere is quite comparable to using web-based software. Furthermore, anyone may quickly learn this technology thanks to the weekly training provided by the Boomi support team. Businesses can gain a lot from adopting this strategy.

How safe is the data on Cloud?

On a cloud, data is always secure. There is a possibility of data corruption on physical servers, as well as viruses that can harm the data. There is no need to worry about data security on the cloud because it is a secure platform. Keeping track of all the data or information is an organization’s largest difficulty.

This is not a problem, though, thanks to the Cloud. Because so many IT firms are utilising cloud computing, data security is not a concern.

Get ahead in your career by learning Dell Boomi through VISWA Online Trainings

What exactly do you know about the benefits of using the Atmosphere?

In essence, it is an internet service that excels in every way. The nicest thing is that customers don’t have to bother about installing or purchasing additional software in order to use them. All that is necessary is to sign in on the Boomi page and begin working on the relevant task.

The environment is quick, dependable, and compatible, and it is gaining popularity because of the wide range of advantages it provides.


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