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About Course

The project SpecFlow is open-source. On GitHub, the source code is stored. The Gherkin syntax is used to define the feature files that SpecFlow uses to keep an acceptance criterion for features (use cases, user stories) in your application. Enroll now to earn your certification.

Specflow Training Course Syllabus

Introduction and Installation of SpecFlow in Visual Studio

Learn the steps for installing the Visual Studio extension for SpecFlow.

Create testing projects
  • Learn how to build System Under Test (SUT) using the C# class library.
  • Sample solution, code snippet.
SpecFlow Project Creation
  • Learn how to create a SpecFlow project and incorporate it into the current solution.

SpecFlow + Runner Activation
Binding the steps
Implementation fixes
Add Living Documentation
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Specflow Training FAQ'S

What is SpecFlow?

SpecFlow’s primary goals are to improve team member collaboration and guarantee that the software is built in accordance with stakeholder expectations. Teams can use SpecFlow to generate executable specifications that function as automated tests and documentation, guaranteeing that the code follows the defined behaviour all the way through the development process.

SpecFlow facilitates test automation with well-known online testing frameworks like Selenium and interfaces easily with a number of testing tools, including NUnit, xUnit, and MSTest. It is a crucial tool for maintaining high-quality software releases since it can be integrated with pipelines for continuous deployment (CD) and continuous integration (CI).

What is SpecFlow, and what are its benefits?

SpecFlow is an open-source Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) framework for.NET applications that generates executable, human-readable specifications using the Gherkin language. Its advantages include enhanced business stakeholder, developer, and tester collaboration and communication; a common and unambiguous knowledge of software requirements; automated testing via executable specifications; and easy interaction with a range of testing tools and continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines.

What is Gherkin language, and how is it used in SpecFlow?

In BDD frameworks like SpecFlow, software features and scenarios are described in plain-text, human-readable Gherkin. With the use of an easy-to-understand, organised syntax, it facilitates communication between members of the technical and non-technical teams by defining scenarios, acceptance criteria, and test cases.

What are the main components of a Gherkin file?

The keywords Feature, Scenario, Given, When, Then, And, and Background make up a Gherkin file. The terms “feature,” “scenario,” “given,” “when,” “then,” “specified outcomes,” “and connects multiple conditions or actions,” and “background” provide context that is shared across scenarios. The feature keyword represents the functionality that is being tested.

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What is a Step Definition in SpecFlow?

A C# method called a Step Definition connects the implementation code to the Gherkin stages. It also has a regular expression that maps the Gherkin text to the method so that it may execute the test and carry out any necessary checks or actions.


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