IBM DataPower Certification Training

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About Course

The fundamental abilities needed to configure and administer web service proxy services on IBM DataPower Gateways are developed through IBM DataPower training. Through real-world projects, you will receive practical experience in developing multi-protocol gateways, setting up service level monitoring, handling problems, debugging services, and more. This will help you pass the IBM DataPower certification exam. Enrol today to earn your certification.

IBM DataPower Training Course Syllabus

Introduction about IBM WebSphere Datapower Appliance
Overview of IBM WebSphere Datapower Appliances
Introduction to the IBM Datapower WebGUI)

✔ Logging in to the WebGUI
✔ WebGUI organization
✔ Datapower’s onboard filesystem

Creation of a simple XML Firewall Service
About Show probe
Tracing the flow by viewing the transactions
Creation of Advanced XML Firewall Service(Loop Back)

✔ Creating policy
✔ Configuring match action rule
✔ Configuring result action

Transform with XSL – Adding a Transform (IBM DataPower)
Types of Variables and its scope
Action in Loop Back Proxy Service

✔ Routing URL
✔ Extract using X-Path

Differences between XML Firewall and MultiProtocol Gateway
Multi-Protocol Gateway (Static Backend)
Multi-Protocol Gateway (Dynamic Backend)
Creating Certificates using Cryptographic tools in Datapower
Encryption and Decryption actions in Datapower
Sign and Verify actions
Call Processing Rule action
Fetch Action
Route Action uses 3 ways
Validate Action
Authentication and Authorization using AAA action
Creation of Web Service Proxy

✔ Authentication and authorization using AAA action using AAA and XSl
✔ Sign and verify usage in WS proxy
✔ Error handling

Problem Determination

✔ Default system log
✔ Audit log
✔ Multistep probe
✔ Object status
✔ Ping remote
✔ TCP connection test
✔ Send test message

SSL Handshake

✔ Forward
✔ Reverse

Troubleshooting Mechanisms

✔ Ping remote
✔ TCP connection test
✔ Packet capture(default)
✔ View system log and generate log messages
✔ Error report
✔ Probe

Log Target

✔ Configuring log target
✔ Event filters
✔ Event subscriptions

Integration with MQ
Integration with FTP
Integration with DB
The scenario on transforming XML to CSV and FLAT File
The scenario on Accepting JSON as Payload
Creating and Deploying Reusable Patterns (new feature in data power)
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IBM DataPower Training FAQ'S

What are the different services that have you used in Datapower?

WebService Proxy, Multiprotocol gateway and XML Firewall

What are the components of a WSDL?
  • WSDL Definitions
  • WSDL Types
  • WSDL Message
  • WSDP Port and Operation
  • WSDL Binding
What actions have you used in the processing policy?
  • AAA
  • SLM
  • Match
  • Transform
  • Result
  • Sign
  • Verify
  • Encrypt
  • Decrypt

Get ahead in your career by learning IBM DataPower through VISWA Online Trainings

What is SLM and options available with that?

SLM has mainly 3 statements

  • Throttle
  • Notify
  • Shape
What are the Security features that you have enabled in Datapower?
  • SSL Proxy Profile or Transport Layer Security
  • Forward
  • Reverse
  • Two-way
  • When DataPower Acts as Server


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