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About Course

Widely utilized is the Microsoft Azure cloud, which provides a range of products and services. Azure helps businesses to increase their presence, performance, and profitability by utilizing subscription-based infrastructure, platforms, and services. Because it allows users anytime, anywhere access to host, control, and manage applications, Azure has become the most popular cloud platform. This Azure Fundamentals certification course gives you a basic comprehension of the many Microsoft Azure components. Enrol right away to get certified.

Microsoft Azure Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Azure

✔ Cloud Technology Overview
✔ Microsoft Azure
✔ MS Azure Portals
✔ Managing Azure with Windows Power Shell

Virtual machines

✔ Virtual machines options
✔ Classic VM vs Azure Resource Manager (ARM) VM
✔ Creating and Configure a Classic A VirtualMachine
✔ Understand Cloud Service and Classic VM
✔ Create a Resource manager VM
✔ Availability Set (Fault and Update Domains)
✔ Azure Load balancer configuration
✔ Troubleshooting virtual machines (Boot diagnostics, Redeploy etc.,)
✔ Monitoring Virtual machines
✔ Set up alerts in MS Azure


✔ Planning Storage
✔ Classification of storage &Usage of different types of storage
✔ Blob, File, Queue, Table, Disk Storage Overview
✔ Implementing and Managing Storage
✔ Monitoring Storage
✔ Usage of tools for connecting to Storage
✔ Attaching Disks to VM’s/Expanding disks


✔ Overview of MS Azure Backup Services
✔ Azure VM backup
✔ On-premise data backup to Azure
✔ Retention policies

Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks

✔ Planning Virtual Networks
✔ Overview of MS A Virtual Networks
✔ Understand A DNS and use cases
✔ Overview of Network security groups



✔ Implementing HA website solution
✔ Implementing Domain controller in A and usage of Azure

✔ Joining systems to domain


Managing Azure using Visual Studio

✔ Connect to Azure using Visual Studio
✔ Managing Azure from Visual Studio (Azure SDK).


  1. Implementing Websites
    1. Planning for Website Deployment
    2. Deploying Websites
    3. Configuring Websites
    4. Monitoring Websites and Web jobs
    5. Scaling websites
    6. Troubleshooting websites
    7. Tools
  2. A Traffic Manager:
    1. Overview of Traffic Manager
    2. Load balancing across VM’s and Web Apps
  3. Planning and Implementing Data Services
    1. Data Services in Microsoft Azure
    2. Implementing A SQL Database
    3. Database High Availability
    4. Monitoring Azure SQL Database
  4. Implementing AAD
    1. Creating and managing Azure Directories
    2. Sync On-Premise AD with AAD
    3. Setup Multifactor Authentication
    4. Overview of AAD Premium
    5. AAD Proxy
  5. Implementing Content Delivery Networks
    1. Overview of A Content Delivery Networks
  6. Media Services
    1. Creating a Media Services Account and Upload Content
    2. Publishing Content with Media Services
    3. Publishing and Scaling Media Content
  7. Implementing Automation
    1. Overview of Automation Components
    2. Power Shell Workflows/GUI Workflows
    3. Managing Automation
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Microsoft Azure Online Training FAQ'S

What is Cloud Computing?

It is a platform where we can store and access our data over the internet. We can store and access our data from anywhere in the world.

What is Azure Cloud Service?

The Azure Cloud service offers multiple web applications in Azure; it categorizes the services and allows us the flexible scaling for our use. The Azure cloud service was launched in the year 2010. It is a dynamic cloud platform that offers development, data storage, service hosting, and service management.

Which service in Azure can be used to manage resources?

Azure Resource Manager is used to manage resources in Microsoft Azure. It is used to deploy, manage, and delete all the resources together using a simple JSON script.

What is Virtual Machine scale sets?

It is a compute resource in Azure that we may use to deploy and control a group of identical virtual machines. If all the VMs are set up the same, it is simple to create large-scale services that cater to big data, big computation, and containerized applications.

What do you understand by autoscaling in Azure?

When necessary, Azure automatically scales the services. It depends on how often, how much, and how much traffic uses our application. For instance, any program or website relevant to the exam will have increased traffic during the test. Azure will then automatically make the necessary setting changes and provide the resources.

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