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About Course

Our course is designed for experienced WebLogic administrators who have completed the “Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I” course. After completing this training, students will be able to understand advanced concepts of WebLogic administration, including WLST, Advanced Deployment, and JDBC features. This course is best suited for Java EE Developers, Security Administrators, System Administrators, Technical Consultants, and Web Administrators. Enroll now and get certified in it.

Oracle WebLogic Admin Training Course Syllabus

✔ System Configuration
✔ Installation Files
✔ Building a Domain
✔ Silent Installation
✔ WebLogic Directory Structure
✔ Domain File Structure

✔ Domain Configuration
✔ WebLogic Console Administration
✔ Console Overview
✔ Change Center
✔ Centralized Administration
✔ Monitoring WebLogic Servers
✔ Configuring a New Machine
✔ Configuring a New Server
✔ Configuring Domain Properties
✔ Building a Managed Server
✔ WebLogic Node Manager
✔ Monitoring Domain Logging

✔ What is JNDI?
✔ JNDI Service Providers
✔ JNDI and WebLogic
✔ Using JNDI
✔ JNDI Client
✔ JNDI Registration
✔ Monitoring JNDI
✔ Monitoring JNDI Using WLST

✔ Deployments Overview
✔ EJB JAR Files
✔ Deployment Descriptors
✔ Deployment Process Overview
✔ Deployment techniques
✔ Expanded Directory Deployment
✔ Console Deployment
✔ WebLogic.Deployer
✔ WLST Deployment Startup and Shutdown Classes
✔ Application Installation
✔ Directory Deployment Plans
✔ Creating a Deployment Plan
✔ WebLogic.PlanGenerator
✔ Reading a Deployment Plan

✔ JDBC Architecture JDBC Drivers
✔ JDBC Driver Install Datasources
✔ DataSource Connection Properties
✔ Configuring Connection Pools
✔ Monitoring Pool Performance
✔ Tuning Pool Performance
✔ JDBC Multi DataSources

✔ Asynchronous Messaging
✔ Messages
✔ Queue
✔ Topic
✔ WebLogic JMS
✔ JMS Servers
✔ JMS Modules
✔ Building JMS System Modules
✔ Building JMS Module Resources
✔ Building JMS Application Modules
✔ Durable Subscribers
✔ JMS File Stores
✔ JMS JDBC Stores
✔ Monitoring JMS Servers
✔ Connecting External JMS Providers

✔ SSL Certificates

✔ Clustering Servers
✔ Cluster Layout
✔ Web Application Tiers
✔ Recommended Basic Architecture
✔ Recommended Multi-Tier Cluster
✔ Cluster Design
✔ Implementing a Cluster
✔ Cluster Communication
✔ Configuring the Cluster
✔ Load Balancing
✔ Clustered Servers
✔ Multicast Communication
✔ Administration Server Failure
✔ Configuring Replication Groups
✔ Tuning WebLogic Clusters
✔ Web Application Fail-over

✔ What is Node Manager?
✔ Node Manager Details
✔ Accessing Node Manager
✔ Configuring Node Manager
✔ Node Manager Startup
✔ Node Manager Domain Management
✔ Node Manager Services
✔ Node Manager Health Monitoring
✔ Node Manager Logging

✔ Performance Objectives
✔ Bottleneck Location
✔ CPU Utilization
✔ Memory Utilization
✔ Monitoring the JVM
✔ Switching the JVM
✔ WebLogic Monitoring Tools
✔ WebLogic Thread Pools
✔ Configuring Reader Threads
✔ Performance Tuning Summary

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Oracle WebLogic Admin Training FAQ'S

Oracle WebLogic Server is an application server and written using Java EE programming language. This WebLogic is developed by the company Oracle Inc. This platform is used to distribute and deploy multi-tier distributed applications. Oracle WebLogic offers robust, scalable, and mature implementation of Java Enterprise editions (Java EE).

he following are the various advantages of Oracle WebLogic;

  • Increase IT staff productivity through centralized management and outbox monitoring.
  • Improves the performance and productivity of the java application enterprise.
  • Improves services by minimizing down time due to planned or unplanned changes or outrages.

Following are the basic components of a WebLogic server such as;

  • Domains
  • Node managers
  • Admin server
  • Managed server
    Web logic server cluster

ava development kit (JDK) is developed by Sun enterprises and used for deployment; Whereas JRockit is used for WebLogic production 11G and 12c versions. The operating system also plays a vital role in selecting the certified JDK JVM.

 WebLogic is an application server because of this server host both web based applications and Enterprise applications such as EJB. Here WebLogic hosts the enterprise application in the form of.EAR files can be performed through many application servers like JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere. Tomcat is not a widely used application server to host any application servers.

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