MongoDB Introduction?

MongoDB Introduction?

MongoDB Introduction?

The MongoDB Introduction? training provides complete knowledge of how to handle the MongoDB database administration work as independently. MongoDB is a document database that is the topmost-rated database in the NoSQL category. It has been preferred by many customers since I have very good features like good scalability and dynamic schema. The course is designed to get complete architecture knowledge and hands-on experience so that candidates can work in a real-time environment.

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Course Objective:
This course gives complete knowledge to administrate the MongoDB database in a real-time environment. After taking this course you will become confident to work in a real-time environment and you can able to handle the projects and production issues independently.

Who can learn MongoDB administration?

  • RDBMS DBA’s(Oracle,MSSQL, MySQL etc)
  • SQL Developers (IT Professionals who know the basics any database)

By learning through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

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