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About Course

Our Appium Training is designed and delivered by professional experts who have been in the software development and testing industry, and have extensive experience in working with test automation frameworks tools across different application types. Our Appium Course Online is focused on giving maximum practical exposure to our trainees and giving them industry insights into the software development and testing industry, and ensuring that they are experts in the industrial use of Appium for automation testing native, hybrid, and web applications on mobile application UI.

Appium Training Course Syllabus

✔ What is Appium
✔ Various tools for mobile applications?

✔ Robotium
✔ Monkey Runner
✔ IOS Driver
✔ UI Automator

✔ What all can be tested with Appium?
✔ Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and WebApps
✔ When to use Selendroid
✔ Drawbacks and Limitations
✔ What is selendroid
✔ Difference between Appium and Selendroid

✔ Configuring on real device
✔ Why work on real device?
✔ Download and Configure Android on local machine
✔ Understanding difference between API level and Android version
✔ API levels and Android versions supported by Appium supported by android
✔ Getting correct API level for Android
✔ Getting correct Android version in Phone
✔ Enabling developer mode
✔ Debug level settings in Phone
✔ Connecting phone and making sure it’s being detected
✔ Download Software
✔ Configuring Various versioning/API level requirements
✔ Starting Server from Console
✔ Running your first Program

✔ Desired Capabilities for Android
✔ Concept of Apk file, AppActivityName, and AppPackage
✔ How to get Apk file, AppActivityName, and AppPackage for any application
✔ Is Apk file necessary to test App – Not in all cases
✔ Javadocs for Appium
✔ Driver and RemoteWebDriver classes
✔ Launching System Hybrid Apps
✔ Preventing Appium from deleting and reinstalling App
✔ Launching other user-installed Hybrid Apps
✔ Checking whether App is installed on the Phone
✔ Launching native Apps like calculator, Contacts, Settings
✔ Always quit – Mandatory

✔ Create Maven Project
✔ Maven dependencies
✔ Various Maven/POM dependencies for Appium
✔ Downloading/Configuring Appium, and Selenium from Maven/POM dependencies
✔ Running the scripts from the command prompt

✔ Getting and storing the Android App XML view
✔ When to use android xml view
✔ Launching XML View from WebDriver
✔ Finding Elements in XML view
✔ Finding Scroll List elements in XML View
✔ You can do anything with XML View
✔ Limitations of XML view

✔ Touch Events
✔ Android key events like home, backspace, delete, etc
✔ Wait for Actions
✔ Dragging and dropping elements
✔ Multi-touch Actions
✔ Long press and delete elements
✔ Handling Toggle buttons
✔ Pinching, tapping, holding

✔ Using Txt files
✔ HTML Reports

✔ Building test cases on Wats App
✔ Testing chat feature of wats app
✔ Change wats app profile pic
✔ Deleting chat on wats app
✔ Find a friend on wats app
✔ Testing in different layouts-Switching layouts between portrait and landscape

✔ Launching browser with appium
✔ Make sure you have the correct desired capabilities
✔ When launch fails
✔ Firing various commands on browser
✔ Will UIAutomator work here?
✔ How do I identify objects in mobile browser?
✔ Will AppiumDriver commands work on browser?

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Appium Training FAQ'S

Appi-um is a freely distributed open-source mobile application UI testing framework.

This is probably the best thing about Appium: you can write your tests in any language. Since Appium is nothing more than an HTTP server, a test that needs to be interfaced with Appium can simply use HTTP libraries to create HTTP sessions. You just need to know the Selenium protocol in order to compose the right commands and that's it!

However, as you can imagine, there are already some libraries doing this for the most common languages and development frameworks out there: C#, [dotnet], [java], Ruby, [python], and Javascript are just a few examples; and they all are open source projects.

Pre-requisite to use APPIUM is:

  • JDK
  • TestNG
  • Eclipse
  • Selenium Server JAR
  • Webdriver Language Binding
  • Library
  • APPIUM EXE for Windows
  • APK App Info

App-ium currently supports Android and iOS, but no support for Windows, unfortunately.

No! App-ium promotes a 2-tier architecture where a test machine connects to a test server running App-ium and automating the whole thing. However this configuration is not mandatory, you can have App-ium running on the same machine where your test runs. Instead of connecting to a remote host, your test will connect to Appium using the loopback address.

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Excellent institute for Online WebMethods Course and I recommend VISWA Technologies thank you For arranging such a great faculty
Today is the last class for online RPA course i am thankful to Chaitanya sir for such a great training and I thank to admin team
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Bodicherla Jagadeeswar
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Penchalakumar Ganji
Penchalakumar Ganji
Best institute for Linux, AWS online course by Musab sir. I thank Chaitanya sir for arranging our classes
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Konduru Akhil
Hi, Overall training classes are very good.All the instructions are kind and patient.I look forward to take more classes from Viswa online trainings.
Eswar Tech
Eswar Tech
I enroll for aws solution architecture course. It was great learning with viswa technologies. Thanks team.
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Manikanta Goud
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S Rambabu 6228
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gaddam Manojkumar
They have a professional approach by their trainer and support team. Personally, I liked the instructor's way of teaching and also helping us if we have any doubts after the class.
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Ramesh Metta
They have teachers with strong expertise. The AWS course i have taken was good and had full support from team.

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