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About Course

C#.Net is a cutting-edge, all-purpose, object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft and endorsed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA). multiple high-level languages can be used on multiple computer platforms and architectures thanks to the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which is made up of executable code and a runtime environment. Enroll right away to get certified.

C#.Net (CSharp) Training Course Syllabus

.Net Framework

✔ Introduction to the .NET platform
✔ .Net Framework
✔ .Net Framework Architecture
✔ Common Language Run Time (CLR)
✔ The Common Type Specification (CTS)
✔ The Common Language Specifications (CLS)
✔ Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)


✔ Data Types -Type Conversion
✔ Boxing & Unboxing
✔ Conditional Statements
✔ Return Types
✔ Looping
✔ Methods in C#
✔ Properties
✔ Arrays
✔ Indexers
✔ Control Structure
✔ Enumerations
✔ Collections


✔ Abstraction
✔ Encapsulation
✔ Inheritance
✔ Polymorphism
✔ Class and Object
✔ Constructors
✔ Destructors
✔ Method overloading
✔ Method overriding
✔ Abstract Classes
✔ Abstract Methods
✔ Interfaces
✔ Multiple Inheritance
✔ Generic classes
✔ Generic Methods
✔ Collections
✔ Extension Methods
✔ Partial Classes & Methods, Sealed Class

Delegates & Events

✔ Single cast delegate
✔ Multi cast delegates


✔ Introduction
✔ Collection Types

✔ Stack
✔ Array List
✔ Hash Table
✔ List Collection

✔ Collection Implementation


✔ Threading
✔ Thread synchronization
✔ Thread life cycle


✔ Private Assemblies
✔ Shared Assemblies
✔ Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

Exception Handling

✔ System Defined Exceptions
✔ Try, Catch, Finally
✔ Multiple Catch Block
✔ Code Debugging

Working With Database ADO.Net

✔ ADO .NET Introduction
✔ Connected Model
✔ Disconnected Model

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C#.Net (CSharp) Training FAQ'S

What is C#.Net?

A straightforward, contemporary, general-purpose programming language is C#. It was created by Microsoft and is an object-oriented programming language. The.NET framework compiles this secure and controlled language to create Microsoft intermediate language (machine code).

What is the reason behind the invention of C#.Net?

Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is designed for C#.Net. On numerous computer platforms and architectures, it enables users to use a variety of high-level languages by providing executable code and a runtime environment.

By learning C#.Net through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

What are the main reasons to use C#.Net language?

The following are the main benefits of using C#:

  • simple to learn
  • Language for general-purpose and object-oriented programming
  • centered on components
  • organized language
  • May be built on a variety of computer architectures
  • creates effective programs
  • .net Framework component
What is the difference between public, static and void?
  • Anywhere in the application, public-defined variables are accessible.
  • Without generating a class instance, global access to variables that have been defined as static is possible.
  • The type modifier void indicates that the procedure returns nothing.
What are constructors in C#.Net?

A constructor is a member function that shares the same name as the class it belongs to. The constructor is called automatically each time an instance of the object class is generated. As the class is initialized, the value of data members is constructed.


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