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About Course

Our Application packaging Training is where you will learn the process of creating a package from installers using capturing methods with the help of tools like Install shield Admin studio It is a way for enterprises and large organizations to standardize and streamline the way they put software on users’ devices. By the end of this Application virtualization training, you’ll have a solid understanding of how MSI and virtualization work, its numerous benefits, and knowledge to implement it in real-time.

Application Packaging Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Install shield AdminStudio

✔ Installation of Install shield and Adminstudio

✔ How to use for Install shield Adminstudio for packaging

✔ How to use Install rite

MSI Architecture (Application Packaging)

✔ Introduction on Windows Installer

✔ Logical Structure of Windows Installer

✔ Guidelines for making components

✔ Installing Sequences

✔ Upgraded and Patches

MSI Tables

✔ Classification

✔ What are Core tables?

✔ Feature Table

✔ Feature Component Table

✔ Condition Table

✔ Directory Table

✔ Publish Component table

✔ Component Table


✔ Creation of Transforms

✔ Secured Transform

✔ Unsecured Transform

✔ Embedded Transform

✔ Installation modes

Active Setup & Self Healing

✔ Active Setup

✔ Run & Run Once Keys

✔ Self Healing

✔ What happens when there is an advertised shortcut?

✔ When does Active Setup Start?

✔ Implementing Active Setup

✔ Delivering Current user data

✔ Difference between Active Setup, Run & Run-Once Keys

Windows Installer Properties

✔ Property Types

✔ Order of Property Precedence

✔ Using Properties

✔ Restrictions on Property Names

✔ Initialization of Property Values

✔ Getting and Setting Properties

✔ Setting Public Property Values on the Command Line

✔ Clearing an Installer Property

✔ Using Properties in Conditional Statements

✔ Using a Directory Property in a Path

✔ Custom Actions

Registry and Registry Table

✔ Structure of Registry

✔ Registry Storage Space

✔ Predefined keys

✔ Registry Hives

✔ Categories of Data

✔ Editing the Registry

✔ Opening, Creating, and Closing keys

✔ Registry Table


✔ What are services?

✔ How to view services?

✔ Operation on services

File Versioning rules and Cabinet files

✔ Why is file versioning required

✔ Default file versioning

✔ File Table

✔ What is cab file?

✔ Cabinets and Compressed Source

Microsoft App – V 5. X

✔ Introduction to virtualisations

✔ App v Sequencing

✔ Deployment of application


✔ Introduction to VBScript

✔ Creation of install script and uninstall script

PowerShell Application deployment Toolkit

✔ Introduction to PSADT

✔ Creation of install script and uninstall script

Batch Script in Application Packaging

✔ Introduction to Batch Script

✔ Creation of install script and uninstall script

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Application Packaging Training FAQ'S

What is Application Packaging?

The process of creating an installer for an application is called application packaging. Usually in it binary files
provided by developers are packaged to form a package.

The major difference between packaging and re-packaging is that in packaging the source files do not
come in the form of a package whereas in re-packaging they come in a form of a package, which might be MSI or
legacy package (such as executable, batch files, etc)

What is Application Repackaging?

Repackaging (Customized Installation) is the process of capturing the changes made by an Installation Program (Package) and it is customized to support company standards and distribution methods.

It is not necessary to do setup capture to call it repackaging, even creating.MST files or.ISS files can be called application repackaging.

What are the steps of Repackaging?

  • Review the packaging requirements (User Requirement Review)
  • Analyze the vendor package (Tech Review)
  • Repackage the application (Setup capture)
  • Customize the package (Scripting)
  • Test the package (Testing & UAT)
  • Release the package to end users (Deployment)

Get ahead in your career by learning Application Packaging through VISWA Online Trainings

Why repackaging is required & what are the problems in Legacy Installation?

The most common reasons for Re-packaging are as follows

  • Customized Installation
  • Reduce Support Costs
  • Self Repair
  • Source Resiliency
  • Unattended Install

The problems with Legacy Installations.

  • High Support Costs
  • Difficult & labor Intensive deployment & management
  • Fragile Installs & un-installs

Name few MSI Packaging tools?

  • Wise for Windows Installer
  • Wise Package Studio
  • Install Shield
  • SMS Installer
  • Marimba
  • WIX
  • SharpDevelop
  • Visual Studio


vishal meda
vishal meda
They give trainings properly and trainers are well versed with them where i recommend to all viswa trainings are good!!
Ntr fan
Ntr fan
I just finished sap bods training in Hyderabad. Excellent course and curriculum 100% doubt clarification sessions. Thanks Chaitanya
Shiva Krishna
Shiva Krishna
I recently completed informatica online training with Chaitanya. Course was built by excellent trainer. And process of learning was streamlined. Thanks
Mohammad ali syed
Mohammad ali syed
It was great and smooth understandable training. You can learn lots.
Govinda Bhatia
Govinda Bhatia
Not recommended as there will be no server access working to do practical after training. Also there will be no fix for the same. So it's wastage of money. If server access not at all working then no meaning to provide server access. Also it not working for single day properly. Need to followup daily but in response you told will fix that sir at home once he will back will fix. After he came back again it's not working and not able to fix for single day also Every time new excuse it's wastage of money.
M Leela mohan
M Leela mohan
I took SQL Server and MSBI Online training with Murali Krishna. I must say the course content was highly qualitative and the trainer covered all concepts. Overall it was a good experience with VISWA Online Trainings.
Attended live Virtual training for IoT Trainer was very good. He had excellent knowledge of IoT and was very good at explaining concepts in detail.…
Lakshmi Lakshmi
Lakshmi Lakshmi
Best sap commerce cloud and Spartacus training institute in india. He provides a great mix of listening, speaking, and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment. He maintains a friendly relationship with the students during class. He not only teaches but also monitors our practice status on daily basis.
Ch Chandranath
Ch Chandranath
I have undergone Oracle Tuning training. I can proudly say that this is one of the best training institutes available in the market. The way Mr. Kumar teaches the concepts and makes them understandable is very commendable and unique. Even a novice can clearly understand the concepts clearly after attending his classes.

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