AWS Sysops Administrator Certification Training

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About Course

Someone who offers the necessary knowledge and expertise linked to how cloud computing functions is our AWS SysOps Administrator. He or she is involved at every stage of a cloud project’s life cycle. On a specific AWS platform, an AWS SysOps Administrator deploys, manages, and runs numerous necessary systems. These experts additionally consider the upkeep and management of the AWS infrastructure within their organisations.

AWS Sysops Administrator Training Course Syllabus


✔ Introduction to AWS Sysops Administrator
✔ Exam Blueprint


✔ Monitoring & Reporting
✔ CloudWatch Introduction
✔ Monitoring EC2 With Custom Metrics
✔ Monitoring EBS
✔ Monitoring ELB
✔ Monitoring Elasticache
✔ Metrics From Multiple Regions & Custom Dashboards
✔ Create A Billing Alarm
✔ AWS Organizations
✔ AWS Resource Groups & Tagging
✔ Cost Explorer & Cost Allocation Tags
✔ EC2 Pricing Models
✔ AWS Sysops Administrator Config
✔ AWS Config Vs AWS CloudTrail Vs CloudWatch
✔ Health Dashboards


✔ Deployment & Provisioning
✔ Deploy An EC2 Instance Lab
✔ EC2 Launch Issues
✔ EBS Volumes And IOPS
✔ What Is A Bastion Host?
✔ Elastic Load Balancers
✔ ELB Error Messages
✔ ELB CloudWatch Metrics
✔ Deploying An Application Load Balancer Lab
✔ AWS Systems Manager
✔ Placement Groups


✔ High Availability
✔ Elasticity & Scalability 101
✔ RDS And Multi-AZ Failover
✔ RDS & Using Read Replicas
✔ RDS & Using Read Replicas Lab
✔ RDS What Versions
✔ RDS – Encrypting RDS Snaps
✔ Sharing Encrypted RDS Snapshots with Other AWS Accounts
✔ Which Services have Maintenance Windows
✔ Elasticache
✔ Aurora Lab
✔ Trouble Shooting Potential Autoscaling Issues
✔ Cloud Front & Cache Hit Ratios


✔ Storage & Data Management
✔ Introduction to S3
✔ S3 Lab
✔ S3 Lifecycle Policies
✔ MFA Delete
✔ S3 Encryption
✔ S3 Encryption Lab
✔ EC2 Volume Types
✔ Upgrading EC2 Volume Types – Lab
✔ Encryption & Downtime
✔ KMS & CloudHSM
✔ AMIs
✔ Sharing AMIs
✔ Storage Gateway
✔ Introducing Athena
✔ Athena Lab
✔ Introduction To EFS
✔ EFS Lab


✔ Security & Compliance
✔ Compliance On AWS
✔ AWS Marketplace Security Products
✔ IAM Custom Policies Lab
✔ Roles & Custom Policies Lab
✔ MFA & Reporting With IAM Lab
✔ Security Token Service
✔ Security & Logging
✔ AWS Hypervisors
✔ Dedicated Instances Vs Dedicated Hosts
✔ AWS Systems Manager EC2 Run Command
✔ AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
✔ pre-signed URLs with S3
✔ Inspector vs Trusted Advisor
✔ AWS Service Limits
✔ Shared Responsibility Model
✔ Other Security Aspects
✔ CloudTrail – Turning It On and Validating Logs


✔ Networking
✔ VPC Overview
✔ Build Your Own Custom VPC – Part 1
✔ Build Your Own Custom VPC – Part 2
✔ Creating a NAT Instance
✔ Network ACLs and Security Groups
✔ VPC Endpoints
✔ VPC Flow Logs
✔ VPC Clean Up
✔ AWS Sysops Administrator Direct Connect
✔ Register a Domain Name Lab
✔ Simple Routing Policy Lab
✔ Weighted Routing Policy Lab
✔ Latency Routing Policy Lab
✔ Failover Routing Policy Lab
✔ Geolocation Routing Policy Lab


✔ Automation to AWS Sysops Administrator
✔ Introducing CloudFormation
✔ CloudFormation Lab
✔ Introducing ElasticBeanstalk
✔ Elastic Beanstalk
✔ OpsWorks


✔ Service Catalog
✔ S3 Bucket Policies & Wildcards
✔ VPC Peering
✔ HTTPS & Storing SSL Certificates
✔ Cloud Formation Best Practices
✔ Cloud Formation Failed Rollback

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AWS Sysops Administrator Training FAQ'S

What do you mean by Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

The cloud computing platform Amazon Web Service is adaptable, stable, scalable, simple to use, and reasonably priced. It offers companies of all sizes cloud computing, databases, storage, content distribution, and a number of other cutting-edge services. There are more than 200 completely functional services offered by data centres worldwide.

What are the roles and responsibilities of SysOps Administrator Associate?

An AWS Administrator’s primary task is to set up cloud management services on AWS for the organization. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate also performs the following extra yet important roles.

  • Firstly, Managing the complete AWS life cycle, along with security, provisioning, and automation.
  • Secondly, Administrating and establishing the architecture of multi-tier systems
  • Thirdly, Performing services such as kernel patching, errata patching, and software upgrades
  • Fourthly, Effectively monitoring performance degrees and their availability
  • Lastly, Creating backups and managing disaster recovery

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What is the use of AWS Well-Architected Framework?

For their apps and workloads, cloud architects may utilise AWS Well-Architected to build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure. It is supported by five pillars: operational excellence, security, dependability, performance effectiveness, and cost optimisation. Customers and partners may evaluate architectures uniformly and build designs that can evolve over time with the help of AWS Well-Architected.

What is an Operational Excellence Pillar?

In order to create company value, the operational excellence pillar concentrates on continuously improving processes and procedures while operating and monitoring systems. Major topics include automating adjustments, responding to incidents, and establishing norms to guide everyday operations.

What do you understand by Security Pillar?

The security pillar places a high premium on securing data and systems. Important topics include protecting the integrity and confidentiality of data, identifying and controlling who has access to what through privilege management, securing systems, and putting processes in place to address security events.


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