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About Course

C and C++ is a general-purpose programming language that was developed as an enhancement of the C language to include an object-oriented paradigm. It is an imperative and compiled language. C++ is a middle-level programming language. C++ runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and various versions of UNIX. This C++ tutorial adopts a simple and practical approach to describe the concepts of C++ for beginners to advanced software engineers.

C Language Training Course Syllabus

Computer concepts

✔ Software
✔ Hardware
✔ Types of software
✔ Languages
✔ Packages
✔ Utilities

Types of Languages

✔ High-Level Language
✔ Low-Level Language
✔ Middle-Level Language


✔ Compilers
✔ Interpreters
✔ Assemblers

C Language Training Syllabus

C Language:

✔ Developmental History of C Language
✔ Characteristic Features of C language
✔ Character Set
✔ Identifiers
✔ Variables
✔ Constants
✔ Data types
✔ formatting Characters
✔ back slash constants
✔ Structure of the C program
✔ Pre-Processors
✔ variable Declaration
✔ I/O functions
✔ Formatted I/O functions
✔ Unformatted I/O functions


✔ Unary
✔ Binary
✔ Ternary Operators
✔ Arithmetic operators
✔ Relational Operators
✔ Logical Operators
✔ Assignment operators
✔ Increment and Decrement operators
✔ Conditional Operators
✔ Special Operators
✔ Bitwise Operators

Control Statements:

✔ Conditional Statements
✔ Looping Statements
✔ Control Transfer Statements

Conditional statements:

✔ If:

✔ simple-if
✔ if-else
✔ if-else ladder
✔ Nested-if
✔ Switch-case
✔ Example programs using all types of ‘if’ and ‘switch’

Looping Statements:

✔ While
✔ Do-while
✔ For
✔ Example programs used while
✔ Do-while and for

Control transfer statements:

✔ Break
✔ Continue
✔ Goto and examples


✔ single-dimensional Arrays
✔ Two-dimensional Arrays
✔ Multi-Dimensional Arrays
✔ With example programs
✔ searching
✔ Sorting algorithms


✔ Library functions
✔ User-defined functions
✔ Library function :
✔ using library functions
✔ User-defined functions:
✔ Functions with arguments
✔ Without arguments
✔ Without return values
✔ with return values
✔ Nested functions
✔ Function array as an arguments
✔ Recursion function
✔ Command-line arguments

String functions:

✔ Using string library functions with examples.
✔ Programs without using string library functions
✔ Using c-type functions


✔ Programs using pointers
✔ Call by reference

Structures and Unions:

✔ Difference between structures and unions
✔ Programs using structures and unions

Data files:

✔ C program using data files

C++ Language Training Syllabus

Features of OOPS

✔ Encapsulation
✔ Polymorphism
✔ Inheritance
✔ Class
✔ Object
✔ Online functions
✔ Inline functions
✔ Constructor
✔ Destructor
✔ Argument Constructor
✔ Constructor overloading
✔ Method Overloading
✔ Operator Overloading
✔ Friend function
✔ Inheritance and its types
✔ Virtual functions
✔ IOStreams
✔ Templates

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C Language Training FAQ'S

What is C language?

C is a mid-level and procedural programming language. Procedural programming language is also known as a structured programming language is a technique in which large programs are broken down into smaller modules, and each module uses structured code. This technique minimizes error and misinterpretation.

Why is C known as a mother language?

C is known as a mother language because most of the compilers and JVMs are written in C language. Most of the languages which are developed after C language has borrowed heavily from it like C++, Python, Rust, javascript, etc. It introduces new core concepts like arrays, functions, file handling which are used in these languages.

Get ahead in your career by learning C and C++ Language through VISWA Online Trainings

What is C++?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. It was released in 1985.

C++ is a superset of C with the major addition of classes in C language.

Initially, Stroustrup called the new language "C with classes". However, after sometime the name was changed to C++. The idea of C++ comes from the C increment operator ++.

What is a class?

The class is a user-defined data type. The class is declared with the keyword class. The class contains the data members, and member functions whose access is defined by the three modifiers are private, public and protected. The class defines the type definition of the category of things. It defines a datatype, but it does not define the data it just specifies the structure of data.

What are the various OOPs concepts in C++?


vishal meda
vishal meda
They give trainings properly and trainers are well versed with them where i recommend to all viswa trainings are good!!
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Ntr fan
I just finished sap bods training in Hyderabad. Excellent course and curriculum 100% doubt clarification sessions. Thanks Chaitanya
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Shiva Krishna
I recently completed informatica online training with Chaitanya. Course was built by excellent trainer. And process of learning was streamlined. Thanks
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Mohammad ali syed
It was great and smooth understandable training. You can learn lots.
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Govinda Bhatia
Not recommended as there will be no server access working to do practical after training. Also there will be no fix for the same. So it's wastage of money. If server access not at all working then no meaning to provide server access. Also it not working for single day properly. Need to followup daily but in response you told will fix that sir at home once he will back will fix. After he came back again it's not working and not able to fix for single day also Every time new excuse it's wastage of money.
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M Leela mohan
I took SQL Server and MSBI Online training with Murali Krishna. I must say the course content was highly qualitative and the trainer covered all concepts. Overall it was a good experience with VISWA Online Trainings.
Attended live Virtual training for IoT Trainer was very good. He had excellent knowledge of IoT and was very good at explaining concepts in detail.…
Lakshmi Lakshmi
Lakshmi Lakshmi
Best sap commerce cloud and Spartacus training institute in india. He provides a great mix of listening, speaking, and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment. He maintains a friendly relationship with the students during class. He not only teaches but also monitors our practice status on daily basis.
Ch Chandranath
Ch Chandranath
I have undergone Oracle Tuning training. I can proudly say that this is one of the best training institutes available in the market. The way Mr. Kumar teaches the concepts and makes them understandable is very commendable and unique. Even a novice can clearly understand the concepts clearly after attending his classes.

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