Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training

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About Course

One of the most prominent and well-recognized credentials provided by Scrum Alliance is our Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). The product owner establishes goals for the product, maintains transparency, and helps everyone involved understand those goals. Scrum is a framework that can help companies in the IT and non-IT sectors create fantastic products or services. This will be incredibly engaging and immersive, allowing you to instantly put what you learn to use in your projects and product development following the class.

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training Course Syllabus

Scrum Basics

✔ Understand the Scrum Flow, the core components of the Scrum framework, and the Scrum vocabulary
✔ Understand the principles/legs of empirical process control
✔ Understand the work culture Scrum creates

Roles & Responsibilities

✔ Understand the scope of the Product Owner, ScrumMaster and the team role in detail
✔ Understand why there is no project manager and no agile product manager

Product Vision

✔ Understand the importance of having the product vision as an overarching goal galvanizing the entire Scrum team
✔ Understand the desirable qualities of the vision and how it can be shaped
✔ Understand the importance of carrying out just enough prep work
✔ Understand the relationship between vision and product roadmap


✔ Understand the different estimation levels in Scrum
✔ Understand that the accuracy of an estimate is more important than the precision of the estimate
✔ Understand that estimates of size and duration can be done separately
✔ Understand the impact of pressuring team members to provide low estimates
✔ Understand the difference between estimating and committing

Product Backlog

✔ Understand what the product backlog is, and what it is not
✔ Understand product backlog grooming


✔ Understand the importance and benefits of prioritizing the product backlog
✔ Understand the implications of saying everything is mandatory
✔ Understand who should have input into prioritization decisions
✔ Understand that proper prioritization of a product backlog is based on multiple factors
✔ Understand and know how to apply formal approaches to prioritizing (i.e. beyond just ‘gut feel’ or intuition)
✔ Understand how much latitude to give a team in adjusting the sequence of work

Release Management

✔ Understand the goals and how-tos of release planning
✔ Understand that planning is adaptive, iterative and collaborative
✔ Understand why quality is frozen and the concept of technical debt
✔ Understand why software should be released early and frequently
✔ Understand and measure velocity
✔ Understand release burndown charts
✔ Understand how a release plan can help predict the future


✔ Understand the product owner’s role in Scrum meetings, and how the Product Owner and Team collaborate
✔ Understand why sprints are timeboxed and protected
✔ Understand the concept of sustainable pace
✔ Understand team commitment

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Certified Scrum Product Owner Training FAQ'S

What do you expect from this job as a Certified Scrum Product Owner?

The query is meant to be an introductory one that allows the applicant to give a general outline of their experience. It would demonstrate the candidate’s level of interview readiness and subject-matter expertise in Certified Scrum Product Owner.

The response to this question will vary depending on the sector, business, and goods. There are some similarities, nevertheless, that you should search for. Search for the terms “sprint planning,” “sprint retrospective,” “grooming,” and “sprint review,” among others. You can tell a prospect has the necessary skills and experience if they mention these pursuits.

Do you think it’s a good idea to have one person performing both the Certified Scrum Product Owner role and the Scrum Master role?

Finding out how well the candidate comprehends the complete product development process is crucial. The greatest way to assess a candidate’s comprehension of their function in comparison to other roles is to ask them this question.

The answer should be “no” unless the candidate has a genuinely compelling justification. Certified Scrum Product Owner and scrum masters have distinct roles, and combining them would never be good for the development process. The Scrum Master serves as a liaison between the development team and the product owner. Therefore, there would be a conflict of interest if the same person performed both tasks.

Do you have experience working with a Scrum framework?

Every product owner should be familiar with the fundamentals of the Scrum framework. You’ll be able to see from the candidate’s response how well they comprehend the framework. Their understanding of the framework can serve as a benchmark for what to look for in a Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Every product owner would have a distinct way of responding to the question, but there should be certain commonalities. Scrum is one method for incrementally and promptly delivering value to the end user. This particular assertion should be the focal point of the response.

It would be much great if the product owner described how the framework came to be. The three key roles that come with it should also be mentioned by the candidate. They should specifically comprehend the roles of the Scrum Team, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and Scrum Master.

By learning through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

What other product discovery frameworks have you worked with?

Although Scrum is the most popular agile software development paradigm, not every case calls for it.

It will be easier for the future Certified Scrum Product Owner to decide which strategy to use in each situation if they have prior expertise with Waterfall or Kanban, for example. Consider enrolling in our Product Owner Certification Course if you’re curious to learn more about these frameworks.

Who do you consider to be the most important product stakeholder?

Whether the product owner is aware of their target market is one of the most crucial things to ascertain. They must comprehend the external stakeholders in order to design the product appropriately as part of their job.

The product development process has various key stakeholders. Some of them are:

  • Customers
  • Regulators
  • Professionals
  • Sponsors
  • Key decision-makers

The potential Certified Scrum Product Owner must comprehend how crucial each stakeholder is to the process and why it’s crucial to work with them all. Additionally, it’s advantageous if they can describe the contributions made by each stakeholder to the process.


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