Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Planning Certification Training

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About Course

The analytical engine of bundled applications like Hyperion Planning, Oracle BI Solutions, and the multi-dimensional data repository for analytical applications are provided by our Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Planning. Enrol today to earn your certification.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Planning Training Course Syllabus

Hyperion Essabse

✔ Overview
✔ Designing Applications and Databases
✔ Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions
✔ Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions
✔ Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files
✔ Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files
✔ Loading Data
✔ Getting Started with Smart View
✔ Creating Reports with Smart View
✔ Data Storage and Calculation
✔ Creating Calculation Scripts
✔ Copying and Clearing Data
✔ Referencing Members in Calculations
✔ Creating Attribute Dimensions
✔ Analyzing Varying Attributes
✔ Analyzing Text and Dates
✔ Partitioning Overview
✔ Essbase Security Overview
✔ Creating Essbase Security Filters
✔ Securing the Essbase Environment in Shared Services
✔ Optimizing Block Storage Caches
✔ Managing Fragmentation
✔ Backing Up, Restoring, and Recovering Essbase Databases
✔ Task Automation

Hyperion Planning

✔ Overview
✔ Metadata
✔ Loading Data and Calculating Database Setting Up Data Loads and Calculating
✔ Security
✔ Designing Data Forms
✔ Entering Data
✔ Managing Plan Process
✔ Business Rules
✔ Analyzing Planning Data

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Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Planning Training FAQ'S

What is Essbase?

Extended Spreadsheet Database is referred to as Essbase. Essbase is a multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) that offers a framework for building analytical applications on top of a multidimensional database. Essbase products give businesses the opportunity to promptly transmit vital business information to the appropriate individuals. Essbase solutions can be implemented online with the bare minimal of infrastructure. Only data that is stored on a server needs to be retrieved and viewed by the Essbase Server client.

What is Dimension?

The database outline’s greatest level of consolidation is represented by a dimension. The database outline shows members and dimensions as a tree to show a consolidation relationship.

what are standard dimensions?

They stand in for the essential elements of a company plan and frequently refer to departmental duties. Time, Accounts, Market, and Division are examples of typical standard dimensions. Standard dimensions are given storage space, and Essbase maximizes performance by classifying an application’s standard dimensions into two types: dense and sparse dimensions.

Hyperion Essbase and Planning

In a Planning application, it is possible to select several currencies per entity member?


By learning Hyperion Essbase and Planning through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

When creating a multi-currency application, which dimensions are automatically created in Essbase?
  • Currencies
  • HSP_Rates

Hyperion Essbase and Planning


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