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About Course

Our Jira Development is a suite of agile work management solutions that powers collaboration across all teams from concept to customer, empowering you to do the best work of your life, together. Jira offers several products and deployment options that are purpose-built for Software, IT, Business, Ops teams, and more. Enroll now and get certified in it.

JIRA Development Training Course Syllabus

✔ Issues
✔ Versions
✔ Components
✔ Creating Projects

✔ Scrum and Kanban
✔ Running Sprints, backlog, and work estimation
✔ Agile Boards and their Configuration
✔ Creating Boards
✔ Difference between boards
✔ Configuring the boards(Columns, swimlanes, quick filters, card colors, card layout, issue detail view, and general setting)

✔ Creating, sharing, and Configuring Dashboards
✔ Adding Gadgets to Dashboards and configuring them.
✔ Creating, sharing, and configuring Filters
✔ Subscriptions
✔ Searching in Jira(Issue Navigator, Basic Search, and Advanced Search)
✔ JQL( Theory and sample JQLs)

✔ Agile Reports
✔ Issue Analysis Reports
✔ Forecast and Management Reports

✔ JIRA Issue Anatomy and Fields
✔ Issue Management(Commenting, Linking, Sharing, Voting, Watching, Moving, Cloning, Time tracking/Logging work)
✔ Creating, Editing, and Deleting an Issue.
✔ Creating New Issue Types(Other than the default Issue Types), Issue type Schemes, Subtasks, and Issue Priorities.

✔ Built-In Fields, Custom Fields, and Types
✔ Managing Custom Fields-Adding, Editing/Deleting a Custom Field
✔ Adding and Managing field Configurations.
✔ Field configuration scheme-Managing, Adding Configuring, and Associating with the project.

✔ Working with screens-Adding, Copying, and editing/deleting Screens
✔ Configuring Screens
✔ Using Screen tabs-Adding and Editing/Deleting a Tab
✔ Working with a Screen scheme-Adding, Editing/Deleting and Copying Screen scheme
✔ Configuring a screen scheme
✔ Issue type screen scheme-Adding, Editing/Deleting and copying
✔ Configuring and Associating an Issue type screen scheme.

✔ Workflows-Issue Statues, Transitions
✔ Using the workflow designer, Authoring a workflow.
✔ Updating an existing workflow, Workflow scheme-creating and configuring.
✔ Workflow scheme-creating and configuring.
✔ Associating an issue type, editing /deleting
✔ Applying workflow scheme to projects
✔ Conditions, Validators, Post functions.

✔ Users-Adding, Deleting, Editing users
✔ Groups- Adding, Deleting, and Editing groups
✔ Project Roles- Adding and Managing Project Roles
✔ Permission Hierarchy- Global Permissions, Project Permissions, Permission Schemes

✔ Issue security
✔ Troubleshooting Permissions
✔ Notifications-Adding, Deleting and Managing
✔ Troubleshooting Notifications
✔ Adding users, groups, and project roles

✔ General Configuration
✔ Audit Logs

✔ Project Roles
✔ Global Permissions
✔ Issue Collectors

✔ Default User preferences
✔ System Dashboard
✔ Look and Feel

✔ Backup Manager
✔ External System Import
✔ Restore System

✔ Global Mail settings
✔ Outgoing and Incoming Email

✔ Shared Filter and Dashboards
✔ Events
✔ Webhooks
✔ Automation Rules

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JIRA Development Training FAQ'S

  • JIRA Development is a software testing tool developed by an Australian company, i.e., Atlassian.
  • It is a bug-tracking tool used to track the issues and bugs related to your software and Mobile apps.
  • The name "Jira" comes from the Japanese word "Gojira", which means Godzilla.
  • Jira is based on Agile methodology, and the current version of Jira is 6.

JIRA Development workflow is a set of activities performed to track and transition of an issue during the lifecycle of an issue where transition represents the link between the two statuses when an issue moves from one status to another status, and status determines the impact of the work on an issue filed by the tester.

Jira is a defect-tracking tool that creates different reports which allow you to get an overview of the current status of a project.

JIRA Development report is a pictorial representation of the current status of a project in the form of charts, line charts, bar graphs, etc.

The following are the reports generated by Jira:

  • Average Age report:
    The average report is a bar chart that displays the average age of unresolved issues for a project or filter.
    The Average Age report is generated that depends upon the selected project, the type of issue selected in the filter, and the time chosen (hours/days/week/months).
  • Created vs. Resolved Issues Report:
    The created vs. resolved issues report displays the difference chart between the number of issues created and the number of issues resolved within a timeframe.
  • Pie chart:
    The pie chart is used to display the issues grouped by a specified field, and the specified field can be priority, assignee, project, issue type, etc.
  • Recently created issue report:
    The recently created issue report represents a chart that shows the rate at which new issues are created and how many issues are resolved during the same interval.
  • Resolution Time Report:
    The resolution time report determines the length of time taken to resolve the issues for a project/filter.
  • Single Level Group by the Report:
    The single-level group by the report does not display the chart, but it categorizes the issues grouped by a particular field for a filter.
  • Time Since Issue Reports:
    The time since the issue report is a bar chart that shows the number of issues of a particular data field that was set on a given date. Suppose I choose "Created" as a data field then the bar chart shows the number of issues that are created.

The following are the steps to create an issue:

  • Click on the '+' button to create an issue. On clicking on the '+' button, the screen appears which is shown below:

JIRA Interview Questions

Project: It determines the name of the project.
Issue Type: It is a dropdown that displays the lists of all the issue types. You can choose either of them such as Bug, epic, task, sub task.
Summary: In the summary text field, you need to type the summary related to the issue that you are creating.
Priority: You can set the priority of an issue. It can be either medium, high, low.

When you fill all the details related to your issue, click on the create button.

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An issue can also be shared with other users in JIRA Development. The following are the steps required to share an issue with other users in JIRA Development:

  • Suppose we have an issue that already exists in Jira, i.e., the login button is not working.

JIRA Interview Questions

  • If we want to share the issue, then this can be achieved by using the share option available on the issue's description, it can be shown in the below screenshot:

JIRA Interview Questions



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