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About Course

The Hyderabad, India location of our Kanban Certification Training. We give experts in quality management a thorough understanding of Lean Kanban approaches and how to apply them to the quality development process. Organizations in all industries use the Lean approaches to streamline their operations and guarantee the highest levels of client satisfaction. The Kanban methods, which are based on Lean, aid in achieving organizational goals much more successfully while placing a strong emphasis on cutting down on time and waste in the process.

Kanban Training Course Syllabus


✔ Kanba-n self-assessment
✔ Course learning objectives

The Kanban Method

✔ Origin and overview of Kanba-n method
✔ Kanba-n boards vs. Kanba-n method

Change Management Approach on Kanban Method

✔ Starting from what you do now
✔ Evolutionary change and leadership

Kanba Practices

✔ Visual
✔ Limit WIP
✔ Manage flow
✔ Make policies explicit
✔ Feedback loops
✔ Improve and evolve


✔ Personal Kanba
✔ Aggregated Personal Kanba
✔ Team Kanba
✔ Team Kanba with WIP limits
✔ Benefits of Protokanbans

Simulation Game

✔ Flow efficiency vs resource fulfillment
✔ Learning and insights

Using a Kanban System

✔ Pull vs Push
✔ Commitment points
✔ Metrics and Little’s Law

Kanban Meetings & Feedback Loops

✔ Meetings: Kanba daily meeting, replenishment meeting, and delivery planning meeting
✔ Reviews: Service delivery review, risk review, operations review, and strategy review

Introduction to STATIK

✔ Identify services
✔ Workflow modeling
✔ Flow efficiency
✔ Demand analysis
✔ Capacity analysis

Design a Kanban System

✔ Manage Expectations
✔ Class of Service
✔ Cost of Delay
✔ Ticket design
✔ Design your own Kanba System

Evolving a Kanban System

✔ Continuous improvement mindset
✔ Leadership, self-organization, delegation, and empowerment


✔ Applying Kanba at your workplace
✔ Develop an Action Plan with the next steps on your current project

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Kanban Training FAQ'S

Explain what is Kanban?

At each stage of the software development cycle, it functions as a flash card, including all the information about the status of your work and the work that needs to be done on the product. It merely divides your work into three categories.

By learning through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

What is the advantage of using Kanban?
  • It helps an organization lower the costs
  • It creates a work site that can respond to changes quickly
  • It facilitates the methods of achieving and assuring quality control
  • Allows the team to reach their maximum potential
  • When priorities change Kanban works best
  • It can deliver features faster due to their shorter cycle times
  • Remove the activities that are of least concern or no concern to the team or organization
  • Rapid feedback loops increase the chances of more motivated, empowered and higher-performing team members
Mention some of the key differences between scrum and Kanban?
  • You have to do daily standup meetings
  • Iteration is a part of Scrum
  • Task is designed and structured in such a way that it fits within iteration
  • Board is reset at every sprint
  • The process involves three people scrum master, product owner, and scrum team
  • Retrospective is required
  •  Daily stand up meeting is not required
  • Iteration can be used as optional; it can be even driven
  • There is no size limit for the task
  • Board is more or less remains same
  • There are no defined roles
  • Retrospective is not required
On what principle does Kanban works on?
  • It helps to balance the workflow for teams so they don’t commit themselves to unneeded work or become overburdened with work by visualizing the task you’re working on and the
  • items in the context of one another.
  • When a task is finished, it selects the highest-priority task from the queue.
What does online Kanban board provides?
  • It allows you to see what employees are working on in real-time and aids in workflow visualization, optimization, and control.
  • Limiting work in progress aids in preventing bottlenecks.
  • Working with teammates in real time is beneficial.
  • It makes it easier to track numerous projects on one board by utilizing horizontal swimlanes.


Vishnu Gadipudi
Vishnu Gadipudi
I Enrolled in VISWA Online Trainings for IBM Integration BUS course . Recently I Completed IBM Integration BUS Batch. It was Really Awesome Experience. Best Place To Learn , Experienced Trainer, Gives Us High Level Knowledge....
Navya Biradavolu
Navya Biradavolu
I was enrolled for looker Bl Tool,it was amazing experience . especially soft skill batch is one of my favourite batch . overall learning process is quite impressive.
Indla sneha
Indla sneha
I have joined I have joined VISWA Online TRAININGS for Java full stack course and i have completed Advance Java module. I had a good knowledge of Hibernate, spring,spring boot,spring MVC. Tutor has knowledge in depth and is supportive. Srinadh sir solved all our doubts....
bindu hima
bindu hima
I am recently completed Talend course and trainer is Rajendra very professional and helpful. All the doubts were solved in a precise manner.
Tarunasree Gowra
Tarunasree Gowra
"I truly enjoyed this course." Chaitanya sir fantastic-very knowledgeable. Sir give us very informative and clear instruction on how to achieve the goal. Thank you!
Tejaswini Kommu
Tejaswini Kommu
Overall Linux Admin sessions batch was very good. Mr. RAM Krishna teaching was very helpful to remind our basic concepts in linux & networking.
Gopanaboina Mounika
Gopanaboina Mounika
It was great learning with such a great and experienced staff. Praveen Sir (Oracle EPM Cloud - FCCS) was very helpful and operations team also very helpful in solving any minor problems students go through process.
Jyothi Gutlapalli
Jyothi Gutlapalli
I like to share my experience which provide lots of courses and one of those I recently completed my Salesforce BA Course and I like to tell you it was a great experience and my knowledge and confidence is really boosted after completing this course.
Good experience and great learning platform for Hyperion Essbase and Planning. The faculty is also well trained and soft spoken.
Chaitu Viswa
Chaitu Viswa
It was very good session for QlikView. I would like to thank to teacher Mr.Chandu for providing guidance for the required modules. Thanks VISWA Team for giving apportunity to leran new skills.

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