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About Course

With the use of a dashboard, the cloud operating system known as OpenStack manages enormous pools of computing, storage, and networking resources spread throughout a data center. OpenStack is free and open-source, but it could cost you if you choose a vendor-specific version. This ground-breaking platform meets the demand of organizations for orchestration and resource provisioning tools that are flexible and automated.

OpenStack Training Course Syllabus


✔ Introduction to Linux
✔ Linux admin commands
✔ Introduction to Cloud
✔ Comparison with Amazon AWS and RackSpace cloud
✔ Other Cloud frameworks
✔ Introduction to OpenStack and its components
✔ Virtualization techniques

Compute (Nova)

✔ What is nova
✔ Supported hypervisors
✔ Xen, LXC, KVM, Qemu, VMWare
✔ Architecture & features
✔ Control Flow
✔ Building a Platform as a Service using Docker/LXC?

OpenStack image service (Glance)

✔ What is Glance
✔ Supported image formats
✔ Creating, uploading and using an image
✔ Architecture & features
✔ Control flow

Software defined storage (Cinder)
Block Storage properties
Architecture & features
Control flow
Software defined storage (Swift)

✔ What is Swift
✔ Object storage properties
✔ Object security, permissions and metadata
✔ Architecture & components
✔ Features
✔ Control flow
✔ Building a Content Delivery Network

Software defined networking

✔ What is Neutron
✔ Architecture & features
✔ Control flow
✔ Creating VPN
✔ Open vSwitch

Cloud Security

✔ Cloud security groups
✔ Instance access (SSH Keys)
✔ Virtual private clouds
✔ DMZs

Identity & Access Management

✔ Users, Roles, Groups, Domains, Projects

OpenStack dashboard (Horizon)

✔ What is Horizon
✔ Architecture & features
✔ Control flow

Additional components of an OpenStack system

✔ Message serverRabbitMQ and Qpid
✔ Databases Mysql and sqlite

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OpenStack Training FAQ'S

Explain the benefits of using OpenStack Cloud?

OpenStack is useful in developing any software-as-a-service (SAAS) applications, for new developments or to improve existing solutions.

  • It can serve as a strong foundation to deliver self-service storage to IT users.
  • It can deliver on-demand objective or block storage with higher scalability and easy-to-handle storage at lower costs.
  • Most enterprises can save bigger on licensing fees by switching virtual machines running on VMware to OpenStack.
What is the meaning of Cell?

Cell is employed to scale OpenStack’s compute cloud. It works in a fairly straightforward manner. Cells are the different groups that are formed from the host.

What is Hypervisor?

The Hypervisor defines VMM, the abbreviation for virtual machine monitor. Various components like firmware, hardware, and software are also defined using it. They are all components of the virtual machine. The host machine or other virtually available machines primarily include or incorporate a hypervisor. The OpenStack development software program also offers multiple hypervisors, which you can select in accordance with your needs.

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How do Swift functions?

Swift makes it easier to store various items. It facilitates the storage of larger and more numerous things. Keeping such objects in storage aids in data reduction. Its efforts are frequently connected to numerous different sources of data. It includes information required by virtual machines and other applications. Swift is also capable of streaming material, and it can safeguard a sizable proportion of the items it stores. It can aid with data backup and has exceptional scaling capabilities.

Explain the Modular Architecture Of Openstack?

For administering sizable virtual machine networks, use OpenStack Compute.
Image Service: The delivery service offers virtual disc image discovery and registration.
Block storage and object storage are both supported by the storage system known as OpenStack Object Storage.


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