Oracle OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) Certification Training

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Duration :  30 Days

About Course

OTM is aware of the importance of real-world implementation experience and high-quality training materials because these elements will be the foundation of your future career in Oracle Certification. Our comprehensive online course in OTM Training thoroughly covers all the essential elements of lectures with a focus on real-world situations. You may easily clear your doubts and receive the precise direction that is expected from OTM Online Training sessions thanks to access to knowledgeable trainers and instructor-led training sessions.

OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) Training Course Syllabus

OTM Introduction

✔ OTM Navigation
✔ OTM Preference
✔ OTM Theme
✔ ADD and Retrieve OTM Data

Build, execute and settle a shipment

✔ Simple Order
✔ OTM Status
✔ Explanation
✔ Build Shipment
✔ Shipment Modification Manual
✔ Tendering process
✔ Shipment events
✔ Visibility
✔ Freight Settlement

Configure OTM, Build, Tender and Settle a Multi-stop shipment

✔ Locations and Corporations
✔ Calendars
✔ Commodities and Items
✔ Contacts
✔ Equipment
✔ Service provider
✔ Lanes and Itinerary
✔ Contact Notification
✔ Automation Agents
✔ Financial Rules for Service Providers
✔ Rate manager? Rate Record
✔ Rate Offering & stop off charges
✔ Rate Distance
✔ Rate Quality and Preference
✔ Rate Service
✔ Rate Query
✔ Less than truckload rate
✔ Order Bases
✔ OTM Status
✔ Bulk Planning
✔ Shipment modification and Tendering
✔ Verify the Match and Pay process and Voucher creation

Creating and Tendering a Multi-leg Shipment

✔ Public Location
✔ Commodities and Items
✔ Equipment
✔ Truck Load Rates
✔ Vessel rates
✔ Accessorial and Special Services
✔ Rail Rate
✔ Multi-leg Itinerary
✔ Rate Query with itinerary
✔ Automatic assignment of data
✔ Order Release
✔ Audit data
✔ Workspaces
✔ Multi-leg Shipment

Provisional and European VAT

✔ Configuration of Provisional VAT
✔ Configuration of European VAT

Multi-leg shipment using Deconsolidation pool and Appointment

✔ Locations and Regions
✔ Location Resources
✔ Rate
✔ Multi-stop Itinerary
✔ Order Releases
✔ Bulk Planning
✔ Managing Dock Scheduling

Pre-Schedule Milk Run

✔ Setting up Trips
✔ Working with Trips

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OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) Training FAQ'S

What do you know about the user-defined metrics in Oracle?

The scope and power of enterprise manager monitoring can be simply increased to a considerable degree. You might not realise it, but this really helps organisations to gain certain advantages. Almost all requirements that are particular to a work or that appear to be particular to it can be addressed easily.

Does SQL-based metrics support external scripts?

They do not support the same, though. Direct SQL entry by users is required in the enterprise manager, and this is done when the metric is created. Even later on, it can be completed. However, issues with time and storage allocation make even straightforward tasks extremely difficult, forcing users to take alternate routes in order to stay up with the situation.

Is it possible to define new metrics with the help of a custom operating system in Oracle TM?

This is indeed feasible. The operating system-based technique is typically taken into consideration for this task, and consumers may always be certain of its legitimacy.

By learning through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

For what purpose you can use OS-based metrics?

When it comes to keeping track of a certain ailment, these are typically taken into account. This task can be readily completed with the aid of a custom script, which is simple to write. Every time the enterprise manager is assessed, the script is defined. The script is mostly responsible for returning its value, though.

What is the role of custom scripts of SQL queries in Metrics?

The same goal, i.e., monitoring metrics and setting off alerts, is served by SQL queries, custom calls, and custom scripts. This ensures the procedures run smoothly in the least amount of time feasible without calling any additional functions for the same.


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