Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Training

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About Course

Project managers who have completed our Project Management Professional (PMP) certification course are among the best in the industry. It demonstrates project leadership expertise and experience in any working method. A project manager must fulfill certain standards and then pass a 180-question exam in order to become certified as a PMP. Each test question may be connected to actual project management experiences because the PMP exam was developed by project leaders for project leaders. Enrol today to earn your certification.

PMP Training Course Syllabus

Introduction: Project Management (PMP)

✔ What is a Project?
✔ What is Project Management (PMP)?
✔ Project vs Program vs Portfolio
✔ Project Life Cycle
✔ Project Manager and his Roles & Responsibilities
✔ Trends in Project Management
✔ Agile Considerations
✔ Importance of PMO
✔ Types of Organization and their influences in a project
✔ Other factors influencing a project
✔ Stakeholders and their influence in a project

Project Integration Management

✔ Develop Project Charter
✔ Develop Project Management Plan
✔ Direct and Manage Project Work
✔ Manage Project Knowledge
✔ Monitor and Control Project Work
✔ Perform Integrated Change Control
✔ Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management

✔ Plan Scope Management
✔ Collect Requirements
✔ Define Scope
✔ Create WBS
✔ Validate Scope
✔ Control Scope

Project Schedule Management

✔ Plan Schedule Management
✔ Define Activities
✔ Sequence Activities
✔ Estimate Activity Durations
✔ Develop Schedule
✔ Control Schedule

Project Cost Management

✔ Plan Cost Management
✔ Estimate Costs
✔ Determine Budget
✔ Control Costs

Project Quality Management

✔ Plan Quality Managemen
✔ Manage Quality
✔ Control Quality

Project Resource Management

✔ Plan Resource Management
✔ Estimate Activity Resources
✔ Acquire Resources
✔ Develop Team
✔ Manage Team
✔ Control Resources

Project Communication Management

✔ Plan Communications Management
✔ Manage Communications
✔ Monitor Communications

Project Risk Management

✔ Plan Risk Management
Identify Risks
✔ Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
✔ Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
✔ Plan Risk Responses
✔ Implement Risk Responses
Monitor Risks

Project Procurement Management

✔ Plan Procurement Management
✔ Conduct Procurements
✔ Control Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management

✔ Identify Stakeholders
✔ Plan Stakeholder Management
✔ Manage Stakeholder Engagement
✔ Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

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PMP Training FAQ'S

Why did you choose PMP certification?

Most likely, this will be one of the first inquiries made of you. It is a means to determine how committed and enthusiastic you are about becoming a project manager and to make sure you weren’t merely drawn in by the marketing and rewards of the position. Be genuine in your response; this question has a lot of meaning.

How do you communicate with your team?

Colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders can all be brought together through communication, which is a crucial tool. The interviewer wants to see if you can effectively motivate your team, negotiate with sponsors and clients, and use language in general.

By learning PMP through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

What is the difference between a project and a program?

A programme is a collection of connected projects that are typically managed jointly. A project is a mission to develop a certain product or service. A programme has a broad scope that can alter depending on time restrictions and customer requirements, unlike a project, which has clearly defined beginning and ending points.

What is the Pareto principle/analysis?

Given that the topic is technical, it is essential to keep your response brief and precise, elaborating just when necessary. According to the Pareto principle, which is a statistical theory, only 20% of acts produce 80% of the outcomes. By citing an instance from a project where you used this, you can make your response more compelling.

What are the best practices you have used to develop excellent customer relationships?

To determine how well you and your team can perform, answer this question. It is preferable to provide specific instances and approaches that your team employed to impress the client, along with an explanation of your precise position in that project.

Of course, the interviewer may specifically ask you to elaborate on a scenario in which client expectations were not met if they wanted to delve a little more. When responding, be careful to be sincere, but portray the setback as a valuable lesson rather than a negative encounter.


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