Windows Powershell Certification Training

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About Course

Our PowerShell Course is a cross-platform task automation system that consists of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework. For a variety of reasons, PowerShell is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and get started with. MacOS, Linux, and Windows all support PowerShell. PowerShell’s “verb-noun” paradigm makes even more complex scripts easier to use (and read) than they would be in a more abstract language. NET. Enrol right away to get certified.

Powershell Training Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Windows PowerShell

✔ Overview

✔ Interacting with Powershell

✔ Usage of Cmdlets

✔ Cmdlet Aliases,

✔ Cmdlet History

Module 2: Understanding Variables & Operators

✔ Variables

✔ Arrays

✔ Arithmetic operators

✔ Assignment operators

✔ Wildcard characters

Module 3: Managing Processes & Services

✔ Viewing processes

✔ Kill process

✔ View services

✔ Interacting with Services

Module 4: Selecting, Filtering & Formatting Data

✔ Usage of Pipelines

✔ Selecting objects & Properties

✔ Filtering objects based on criteria

✔ Rearranging data using Sorting object

✔ Formatting output Cmdlet Output

Module 5: Introduction to Powershell Scripting

✔ Understanding Script

✔ Writing a script

✔ Executing a script

✔ Modifying a script

Module 6: Conditional & Loop Statements

✔ If Statements

✔ Switch Constructs

✔ For Loop

✔ For Each Loop

✔ While Loop

Module 7: Writing Functions & Error Handling

✔ Writing Functions

✔ Reading Functions

✔ Error Handling

Module 8: Working with Files & the Registry

✔ Reading the data from files -CSV, TXT, XML

✔ Writing data to the files -CSV, TXT, XML, HTML

✔ Interacting with Registry

✔ Modifying Registry

Module 9: Managing the Windows Operating System

✔ Understand WMI

✔ Hardware Inventory

✔ Software Inventory

✔ Modifying O/S

✔ Collecting Applications

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Powershell Training FAQ'S

What is PowerShell?

Power Shell is an extendable command-line shell that is designed especially for system administrators and power users for managing the operating system and processors.

It is a scripting environment which is built on the .NET Framework.

It is platform-independent and open-source.

What are the features of PowerShell?

The following are the different features or characteristics of Power Shell:

  • The main feature of Power Shell is that it is based on an object, not on text.
  • The Power Shell commands are customizable.
  • Power Shell remoting is the feature that enables the execution of cmdlets on a remote system that helps the developers for managing the set of remote computers from one single machine.
  • Scripting debugging is also an essential feature of PowerShell, which is used to examine the commands, scripts, functions, and expressions at the time of Power Shell execution.

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What is a pipeline in PowerShell?

A PowerShell pipeline is a series of statements that are connected by the pipe ‘|‘ operator. In a command, each pipeline operator is used to send the output or result of the preceding command to the next command.

The following box describes the syntax of a pipeline:

Command-1 | Command-2 | Command-3  

What is the Execution policy in PowerShell?

Execution policy in PowerShell is a concept which controls the conditions under which PowerShell loads the configuration files and execute scripts.

Explain the types of Execution policy?

Followings are the six types of execution policy in PowerShell:

  • AllSigned
  • RemoteSigned
  • Restricted
  • Undefined
  • Bypass
  • Unrestricted


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