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About Course

Companies can use Salesforce CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce, as a sales tool to provide correct pricing for any situation involving the configuration of a product. Due to its cloud-based platform, Salesforce CPQ offers your sales team simple-to-use software that is accessible on any device. You have a direct connection with your CRM thanks to hosting within the Sales Cloud platform, enabling you to make the most effective sales decisions. Enroll right away to get certified.

Salesforce CPQ Training Course Syllabus

Understanding the salesforce CPQ platform

✔ Understanding Salesforce CPQ overview
✔ Lead to cash process
✔ Architecture background

Exploring packaging settings

✔ Setting and updating package settings and
✔ Product fields

Create a quote

✔ You need to create an account
✔ Take an opportunity and then quote


✔ Product Bundle Settings
✔ Create Features for a Bundle
✔ Create Product Options for a Bundle
✔ Create Option Constraints for a Bundle
✔ Create Configuration Attributes for a Bundle

Product rules

✔ Create Product Rule
✔ Create Selection Product Rules and Using Lookup Queries
✔ Create Validation Product Rule
✔ Create Alert Product Rule
✔ Configuration Attribute
✔ Create a Dynamic Bundle

Custom actions

✔ Creating the custom actions

Guided selling

✔ Pricing Methods
✔ Manual Discounting
✔ Create a Discount Schedule
✔ Contracted Pricing
✔ Subscription Pricing
✔ Multi-Dimensional Quoting

Pricing rules

✔ Create Price Rules
✔ Create Price Rules using Lookup Queries


✔ Create a Contract and Renewal Opportunity
✔ Amend a Contract
✔ Create a Renewal Quote

Quote templates

✔ Quote Template Basics
✔ Custom Quote Template

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Salesforce CPQ Training FAQ'S

What is Salesforce CPQ and why is it important?

Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ. CPQ is a step in the sales process and a component of an organization’s wider Quote-to-Cash / Lead-to-Cash process. It may involve several teams, including the sales, legal, financial, and operational teams for sales.

For the sales and operations teams to generate precise quotations with precisely set products and prices, a well-designed CPQ tool is a requirement.

By learning Salesforce CPQ through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a sensible combination of goods that are offered for sale as a single quote line item. For instance, if you purchase an entertainment package from a media company, you may get access to a number of services, including phone, internet, and television, but you only have to pay for the entertainment package. In Salesforce CPQ, the same idea is applicable.

Products may be sold alone or in combination as a bundle. Product & Price Rules enable extensive logic to be applied to bundles.

What is a Product Rule?

Specific configurations can be enforced either at the bundle level or the quotation level using product rules. Product rules come in four different flavors: validation, selection, alert, and filter.

  • Validation: Prevents a user from storing a quotation or bundle setting that is incompatible.
  • Users are alerted to critical information, yet storing the quote is not prevented.
  • Selection: Based on preset settings, automatically selects, deselects, displays, or hides goods.
  • Used in dynamic search filters that automatically filter the product catalog is the word “filter.”
What is a Price Rule?

A very flexible technique that may be used to make sure that things are priced correctly is the concept of price rules. A static value, a field value, or a summary variable can be introduced into a quotation or quote line field using price rules.
This implies that they are applicable to purposes other than pricing. To instruct the system when to perform the price action, pricing rules can have a condition (or multiple conditions) set, however conditions are not required.

What is a Summary Variable and how is it different from a Roll Up Summary?

You can specify criteria for the summary, such as the product code or product family, and summary variables allow you to summarise numerical values (such as quantity or price). Summary variables only operate within the quote line editor, and once the computation is done, the value is not saved* in the system. This indicates that you are not adding to the object’s roll up summary field limit.

While Summary Variables are calculated within the quote line editor and are frequently used to initiate product or price rules, Roll Up Summary Fields work in a similar manner, but the value is not generated until the record is saved.


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