SAP Commerce Cloud Or SAP Hybris Certification Training

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About Course

The very foundation of your future career in SAP is formed by the SAP Commerce Cloud or SAP Hybris Certification Course, which recognizes the necessity for a high-quality training curriculum together with practical implementation experience. The training helps participants understand what is included out of the box and what needs to be implemented by illustrating some of the fundamental features and key ideas of SAP Commerce Cloud. This is directed at technical consultants, software architects, and developers of software.

SAP Commerce Cloud Training Course Syllabus

SAP Commerce Cloud / Hybris Glance: –

✔ Hybris & Omni Commerce
✔ Key Points for Business
✔ Modules and Accelerators
✔ eCommerce Domain Fun.
✔ Why Hybris & Competitors
✔ Hybris Resources, S/W & H/W
✔ Hybris Architecture & Blocks
✔ Hybris C/4 HANA & Flavors
✔ ZKOSS FWK – Insides
✔ Over of SAP Commerce
✔ SAP Commerce versions
✔ B2C Vs B2B features
✔ Integration Scenarios
✔ SAP eCommerce Solutions
✔ C4C & Marketing Overview
✔ SAP Commerce RWD

SAP Commerce Cloud / Hybris Setup: –

✔ Inside SAP Com Software
✔ SAP Commerce Installation
✔ SAP Comm. Folder Structures
✔ Business User Interfaces
✔ Licensing & Deployments
✔ Basic Configuration Properties
✔ Hybris B2B & B2C Installation
✔ Industry Specific Accelerators
✔ View Default Tables / Users
✔ Configuring Custom DB
✔ Recipes – Insides & OOTB Fun.
✔ Build Framework
✔ INIT & Update – Insides
✔ Exts (extensioninfo.xml)
✔ Extgen & Modulegen
✔ Custom DB Configurations
✔ Exts Vs Add-ons
✔ SAP Commerce Accelerators

SAP Commerce Cloud Tools – Inside view

✔ HAC & Backoffice
✔ Product & CMS Cockpit
✔ Customer Service Cockpit
✔ Live Edit, Smart Edit & ASM
✔ WCMS – Complete view

Products & Content Catalogs: –

✔ General understanding
✔ Multi-Country Sites
✔ Product – ATP
✔ The stock level of a product
✔ Catalogs and Products
✔ Synchronization
✔ Content related Insides
✔ Product Visibility
✔ Media & Pricing
✔ End–End Workout

Users: –

✔ Customers & Employees
✔ User Groups & Companies
✔ Type Based Access Rights
✔ Types of creating Users
✔ Price only / Place order Users

Cart & Order: –

✔ Complete overview & insides
✔ B2C Checkout Flow
✔ Cart Merge Functionality
✔ Cart Simulation & Revalidation
✔ End–End Workout

Marketing Module: –

✔ Promotions & Vouchers
✔ Promotions Engine
✔ End–End Workout

✔ Website & Store Creation
✔ Hybris B2B Commerce Functionality
✔ Product Visibility & Availability
✔ Internationalization= Lang, Curr, Region
✔ SAP Comm. SEO Implementations
✔ Hybris Session Management
✔ PO Number Implementation
✔ Hybris Storefront Localization
✔ MOV functionality Implementation
✔ Hybris B2B Pricing Implementation
✔ SAP Comm. Minification importance
✔ SAP Comm. Security Roles & Config.
✔ SAP Comm. Performance Tunings
✔ SAP Comm. Site URL’s & Reg Exp.
✔ Hybris Scripting Languages
✔ WCMS Component Creation
✔ Customizations = hAC & Backoffice

Spartacus – Introduction & Example
CCv2 MIGRATION Steps – Discussion
SAP Commerce Cloud [SCC]

✔ High-level architecture
✔ IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
✔ SCC – Available Features
✔ CCv1 vs CCv2
✔ CCV2 Environment Types

SAP Commerce Cloud Portal

✔ Introduction to Cloud Portal
✔ Code Repository Connection
✔ Code Repository Structure
✔ Cloud Hot Folders
✔ Build & Deployment
✔ Logging & Debugging
✔ Container Support

Integration Scenarios

✔ 3rd Party Integrations Details

Creating Custom eComm Site
SAP Commerce Data Modeling

✔ SAP Comm. Vs Java Vs DBMS
✔ Generic Items & Item types
✔ A complete view of Items.xml
✔ Deployment & Type codes
✔ Collections Vs Relations
✔ Redeclaration of the Attr.
✔ Indexing DB Cols
✔ Play with DB Col lengths
✔ Localized attributes
✔ Attribute / Itemtype modifiers

Real-Time Coding Examples: –

✔ Read base/variants products
✔ Ant Customize command
✔ Create & Delete Cart
✔ Setting cart delivery address
✔ How to Upgrade Hybris
✔ Creating Custom Exts
✔ Delivery modes in SAP Comm.
✔ Native SQL Query in Hybris
✔ Disabling all CronJobs
✔ Groovy script example
✔ How Tax calculations works
✔ Different possible integrations
✔ SAP Comm. Logs & Debugging
✔ Edit Save Cart Description
✔ Layers End–End Examples
✔ Prod Infra Structure Arch.

ImpEx: –

✔ Complete Overview
✔ Escaping Special Chars
✔ Ignore & Update ImpEx
✔ End–End Workout

Flexible Search = End–End Workout
Programming with Service Layer: –

✔ Arch. of Service Layer
✔ Models & Services
✔ Converters & Populates
✔ Spring Integration
✔ Facades, DTO & DAO
✔ Events & Interceptors
✔ End–End Workouts

✔ Cronjob End–End Workout
✔ Spring IOC, MVC & AOP
✔ SAP Comm. Interceptors & Usage
✔ Demos and Trial Systems

Solr: –

✔ Hybris Solr Overview
✔ Solr Configurations
✔ Solr Indexing & Boosting
✔ Solr Value Providers
✔ End–End Workout

✔ Eclipse Integration & Writing Code
✔ WCMS End–End Workouts
✔ Transactions – CURD
✔ SVN Evn. / GIT Env. for SAP Comm.
✔ SAP Comm. Programming with API
✔ Use of – Sonar, Splunk, Dynatrace, ELK…
✔ Site Themes & Coloring

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SAP Commerce Cloud Training FAQ'S

What is SAP Hybris?

The German firm Hybris sells e-Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Product Content Management Software under the brand name SAP Hybris. Any organization can benefit from SAP Hybris’ solutions, which can help them save money, time, and effort while still delivering exceptional customer service.

What do you understand about SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers?

The German firm Hybris sells e-Commerce, Marketing, Sales and Service, and Product Content Management Software under the brand name SAP Hybris. With the use of SAP Hybris, an organization may decrease expenses, save time, simplify operations, and demand less attention while still providing exceptional customer service. The SAP Product Family includes the following product:

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Revenue (Billing)
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Hybris as a Service (YaaS)

By learning through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

What are the capabilities of SAP Hybris Product e-commerce?
  • B2C Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • Product Content and Catalog Management
  • Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Creating Contextual Experiences
What is the SAP Hybris Search feature?

An effective tool in the Hybris cloud to boost sales and profiles for businesses is SAP Hybris Commerce Search. Poorly organized search results can cause usability issues and loss of sales for a company. Businesses may simply market their items and product categories using commerce search by linking to the results. This enhances the shopping experience for customers, which boosts profit margins and sales for businesses.

hat are the different components under the SAP Hybris Promotion module?
  • Promotion Templates
  • Promotion Rule Builder
  • Priority Order
  • Promotion Contextual Messages
  • Coupon codes generation and management
How do you extend SAP Cloud based applications?

A cloud-based software development kit (SDK) called the Cloud Application Studio enables SAP clients to improve the functionality of SAP Cloud solutions, including the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP Business by Design application.

The core SAP Cloud solution can be extended to satisfy customer-specific requirements, legal restrictions, or industry-specific best practises using the SAP Cloud Application Studio.


Vishnu Gadipudi
Vishnu Gadipudi
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Navya Biradavolu
I was enrolled for looker Bl Tool,it was amazing experience . especially soft skill batch is one of my favourite batch . overall learning process is quite impressive.
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Indla sneha
I have joined I have joined VISWA Online TRAININGS for Java full stack course and i have completed Advance Java module. I had a good knowledge of Hibernate, spring,spring boot,spring MVC. Tutor has knowledge in depth and is supportive. Srinadh sir solved all our doubts....
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bindu hima
I am recently completed Talend course and trainer is Rajendra very professional and helpful. All the doubts were solved in a precise manner.
Tarunasree Gowra
Tarunasree Gowra
"I truly enjoyed this course." Chaitanya sir fantastic-very knowledgeable. Sir give us very informative and clear instruction on how to achieve the goal. Thank you!
Tejaswini Kommu
Tejaswini Kommu
Overall Linux Admin sessions batch was very good. Mr. RAM Krishna teaching was very helpful to remind our basic concepts in linux & networking.
Gopanaboina Mounika
Gopanaboina Mounika
It was great learning with such a great and experienced staff. Praveen Sir (Oracle EPM Cloud - FCCS) was very helpful and operations team also very helpful in solving any minor problems students go through process.
Jyothi Gutlapalli
Jyothi Gutlapalli
I like to share my experience which provide lots of courses and one of those I recently completed my Salesforce BA Course and I like to tell you it was a great experience and my knowledge and confidence is really boosted after completing this course.
Good experience and great learning platform for Hyperion Essbase and Planning. The faculty is also well trained and soft spoken.
Chaitu Viswa
Chaitu Viswa
It was very good session for QlikView. I would like to thank to teacher Mr.Chandu for providing guidance for the required modules. Thanks VISWA Team for giving apportunity to leran new skills.

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