Selenium with C# Certification Training

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About Course

Our online Selenium with c# course offers a simple framework for automated web application testing. Our Selenium courses give development professionals an overview of this adaptable and adjustable tool and teach them how to utilize and build up efficient test automation. Enrol today to earn your certification.

Selenium with C# Training Course Syllabus

Module 1 : Selenium with C # Introduction

✔ Introduction
✔ Record & Playback
✔ Command types
✔ Using Verifications
✔ Using Asserts
✔ Exporting Test Case/Suite to C#/NUnit

Module 2 : Collapse Selenium Webdriver

✔ Introduction
✔ Setting up new project
✔ Project Structure
✔ Understanding DOM Structure
✔ Finding Elements
✔ Assert Types
✔ Working with Dynamic Elements
✔ Tables and Data grid
✔ XPath
✔ Embedded JavaScript
✔ Cross Platform Browser Testing

Module 3 : Collapse Selenium Framework & Infrastructure

✔ Creating Data Driven Tests (XML/DB/Excel)
✔ Linq queries (DDT)

Module 4 : Collapse Selenium Server (Optional

✔ What is Selenium Server
✔ Intro for Selenium Grid
✔ Configuring Selenium Server
✔ Grid Configuration
✔ Setting up Grid
✔ Running a Test in Grid
✔  Best Practice Techniques and Structure
✔ Error Handling
✔ Actions And Alerts

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Selenium with C# Training FAQ'S

What is Automation Testing ?

By performing or running the test cases, automation testing automates the browser application. Parallel execution can be accomplished via automation tests, which is not possible with manual processes. The test case execution in a manual procedure takes more time and labor. Instead, we may accomplish this task faster by using automation technologies like Selenium, CodedUI, and QTP. Using automation testing allows us to run different situations repeatedly, whereas manual processes or testing may result in scenarios being missed. With automation testing, outcomes are more precise and time is saved.

By learning Selenium with C# through VISWA Online Trainings, advance in your job.

Different Automation Testing Tools in IT Industry

Everyone chooses different automation tools today, such as QTP, CodedUI, Selenium, etc. In contrast to manual techniques, we may obtain very accurate outcomes using these technologies. In contrast to CodedUI and QTP, which are both licenced tools, Selenium is open source. In comparison to QTP and CodedUI, Selenium is simple and quick to execute.

Usage of Automation Testing

We can complete a number of activities, like running test cases with accurate results and repeatedly navigating through different situations and displays, using Selenium or any other automation tool. The time and effort required to run the test cases on distant workstations is decreased by remotely launching different browsers.

Why should I prefer Selenium over other Automation tools ?

As I said in my previous responses, CodedUI, QTP, and other products are licenced versions, but Selenium is an open source automation tool. When compared to other tools, Selenium executes quite quickly. It enables both web-based and mobile (Android, iOS, etc.) application execution.


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