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About Course

Talend is a software integration platform that provides solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data management, Data Preparation, and Big Data. The demand for ETL professionals with knowledge of Talend is high. Also, it is the only ETL tool with all the plugins to integrate with Big Data ecosystem easily.

Talend Training Course Syllabus

✔ Data analytics
✔ Operational integration
✔ Execution monitoring

✔ Important concepts in Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
✔ Launching Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
✔ How to launch the Studio for the first time
✔ How to set up a project
✔ Working with different workspace directories
✔ How to create a new workspace directory
✔ Working with projects
✔ How to create a project
✔ How to import the demo project
✔ How to import projects
✔ How to open a project
✔ How to delete a project
✔ How to export a project
✔ Migration tasks
✔ Setting Talend Open Studio for Data Integration preferences
✔ Java Interpreter path
✔ External or User components
✔ Exchange preferences
✔ Language preferences
✔ Debug and Job execution preferences
✔ Designer preferences
✔ Adding code by default
✔ Performance preferences
✔ Documentation preferences
✔ Displaying special characters for schema columns
✔ SQL Builder preferences
✔ Schema preferences
✔ Libraries preferences
✔ Type conversion
✔ Usage Data Collector preferences
✔ Customizing project settings
✔ Palette Settings
✔ Version management
✔ Status management
✔ Job Settings
✔ Stats & Logs
✔ Context settings
✔ Project Settings use
✔ Status settings
✔ Security settings

✔ What is a Business Model
✔ Opening or creating a Business Model
✔ How to open a Business Model
✔ How to create a Business Model
✔ Modeling a Business Model
✔ Shapes
✔ Connecting shapes
✔ How to comment and arrange a model
✔ Business Models
✔ Assigning repository elements to a Business Model Editing a Business Model
✔ How to rename a Business Model
✔ How to copy and paste a Business Model
✔ How to move a Business Model
✔ How to delete a Business Model
✔ Saving a Business Model

✔ What is a Job design
✔ Getting started with a basic Job design
✔ How to create a Job
✔ How to drop components into the workspace
✔ How to search components in the Palette
✔ How to connect components together
✔ How to drop components in the middle of a Row link
✔ How to define component properties
✔ How to run a Job
✔ How to customize your workspace
✔ Using connections
✔ Connection types
✔ How to define connection settings
✔ Using the Metadata Manager
✔ How to centralize the Metadata items
✔ How to centralize contexts and variables
✔ How to use the SQL Templates
✔ Handling Jobs: advanced subjects
✔ How to map data flows
✔ How to create queries using the SQLBuilder
✔ How to download/ upload Talend Community components
✔ How to install external modules
✔ How to launch a Job periodically
✔ How to use the tPrejob and post job components
✔ How to use the Use Output Stream feature
✔ Handling Jobs: miscellaneous subjects
✔ How to share a database connection
✔ How to define the Start component
✔ How to handle error icons on components or Jobs
✔ How to add notes to a Job design
✔ How to display the code or the outline of your Job
✔ How to manage the sub job display
✔ How to define options on the Job view
✔ How to find components in Jobs
✔ How to set default values in the schema of a component

✔ Activating/Deactivating a Job or a sub-job
✔ How to disable a Start component
✔ How to disable a nonStart component
✔ Importing/exporting items or Jobs
✔ How to import items
✔ How to export Jobs to an archive
✔ How to export items
✔ How to change context parameters in Jobs
✔ Managing repository items
✔ How to handle updates in repository items
✔ Searching a Job in the repository
✔ Managing Job versions Documenting a Job
✔ How to generate HTML documentation
✔ How to update the documentation on the spot
✔ Handling Job execution
✔ How to deploy a Job on SpagoBI server

✔ tMap and tXMLMap interfaces
✔ tMap operation
✔ Setting the input flow in the Map Editor
✔ Mapping variables
✔ Using the expression editor
✔ Mapping the Output setting Talend Open Studio
✔ Setting schemas in the Map Editor
✔ Solving memory limitation issues in tMap use
✔ Handling Lookups
✔ tXMLMap operation
✔ Using the document type to create the XML tree
✔ Defining the output mode
✔ Editing the XML tree schema

✔ Objectives

✔ Setting up a DB connection

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Connection
✔ Step 3: Table upload
✔ Step 4: Schema definition

✔ Setting up a JDBC schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Connection
✔ Step 3: Table upload
✔ Step 4: Schema definition

✔ Setting up a SAS connection Prerequisites

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Connection

✔ Setting up a File Delimited schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: File upload
✔ Step 3: Schema definition
✔ Step 4: Final schema

✔ Setting up a File Positional schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Connection and file upload
✔ Step 3: Schema refining
✔ Step 4: Finalizing the end schema

✔ Setting up a File Regex schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: File upload
✔ Step 3: Schema definition
✔ Step 4: Finalizing the end schema

✔ Setting up an XML file schema
✔ Setting up an XML schema for an input file
✔ Setting up an XML schema for an output file
✔ Setting up a File Excel schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: File upload
✔ Step 3: Schema refining
✔ Step 4: Finalizing the end schema

✔ Setting up a File LDIF schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: File upload
✔ Step 3: Schema definition
✔ Step 4: Finalizing the end schema

✔ Setting up an LDAP schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Server connection
✔ Step 3: Authentication and DN fetching
✔ Step 4: Schema definition
✔ Step 5: Finalizing the end schema

✔ Setting up a Salesforce connection

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Connection to a Salesforce account
✔ Step 3: Retrieving Salesforce modules
✔ Step 4: Retrieving Salesforce schemas
✔ Step 5: Finalizing the end schema

✔ Setting up a Generic schema

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Schema definition
✔ Setting up an MDM connection
✔ Step 1: Setting up the connection
✔ Step 2: Defining MDM schema

✔ Setting up a Web Service schema
✔ Setting up a simple schema
✔ Setting up an FTP connection

✔ Step 1: General properties
✔ Step 2: Connection

✔ What are routines
✔ Accessing the System Routines
✔ Customizing the system routines
✔ Managing user routines
✔ How to create user routines
✔ How to edit user routines
✔ How to edit user routine libraries
✔ Calling a routine from a Job
✔ Use case: Creating a file for the current date

✔ What is ELT
✔ Introducing Talend SQL templates
✔ Managing Talend SQL templates
✔ Types of system SQL templates
✔ How to access a system SQL template
✔ How to create user-defined SQL templates
✔ A use case of system SQL Templates

✔ ETL Concepts
✔ tsortrow
✔ tunite
✔ tuniqerow
✔ tbufferinput
✔ tbuffer output
✔ thashinput
✔ thashoutput
✔ tfilelist
✔ tsleep
✔ tloop
✔ file input output components
✔ database input output components
✔ tsendmail
✔ treplicate
✔ tfiltercolumns
✔ tfilterrows
✔ treplace
✔ tconverttype
✔ tdie
✔ tcontextload
✔ tmemorizerow
✔ trowgenerator
✔ trunjob
✔ prejob
✔ postjob
✔ tsamplerows
✔ tnormalize
✔ tdenormalize
✔ tmap
✔ taggrigator
✔ tjoin
✔ tsystem
✔ Dynamic
✔ tjava
✔ tjavarow
✔ tjavaflex
✔ tschemacompliancecheck
✔ tlogrow
✔ tlogcatcher
✔ t ststcatcher
✔ tparallelize
✔ tsendmail
✔ tfilecopy
✔ tfilearchive
✔ tfileProperties
✔ tfileunarchive
✔ tfiletouch
✔ tfiledelete
✔ tfileexist
✔ tfiletouch
✔ tfilecopy
✔ tftpfilelist
✔ tftpput
✔ tftpget
✔ tftpdelete
✔ tftpfileexist
✔ tftpConnection
✔ tftpRename
✔ tftpfileproperties
✔ toracleInput
✔ toraclerow
✔ toracleoutpt
✔ toracleconnection
✔ toracleBulk
✔ toracleBulkexec
✔ toracleClose
✔ toracleRollback
✔ toraclecommit
✔ tmssqlInput
✔ tmssqlrow
✔ tmssqloutpt
✔ tmssqlconnection
✔ tmssqlBulk
✔ tmssqlBulkexec
✔ tmssqlClose
✔ tmssqlRollback
✔ tmssqlcommit
✔ tDb2Input
✔ tDb2row
✔ tDb2outpt
✔ tDb2connection
✔ tDb2Bulk
✔ tDb2Bulkexec
✔ tDb2Close
✔ tDb2Rollback
✔ tDb2commit
✔ OnsubJobOK
✔ OnSubjobError
✔ OnComponentOk
✔ OnComponentError
✔ runif
✔ tExcelInput
✔ tExceloutput
✔ tfileInputdelimited
✔ tfileoutputDelimited
✔ tfileInputXml
✔ tfileoutputXml
✔ tfileinputPositional
✔ tfileOutputPositional
✔ SCD1
✔ SCD2
✔ SCD3
✔ stage loading
✔ Dimension Loading
✔ fact Loading
✔ project Explanation

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Talend Training FAQ'S

Talend is an open-source data integration platform that provides solutions for data integration and data management. It offers various integration software and services for data management, data quality, data integration, Big data, data preparation, cloud storage, and enterprise application. It is designed to combine, convert, and update data in various business applications.

Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio is an open-source ETL tool used for data integration and Big data. It is based on the eclipse developer and design tool. Talend Open Studio acts as a code generator that provides data transformation scripts and underlying programs in Java.

A component is a functional unit that is used to perform a single operation in Talend. With the help of drag and drop functions, we can use the components to perform operations. The component can be a snippet of Java code that is generated as a part of a job.

Launched in October 2006

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