Oracle RAC Article

Oracle RAC Article

Oracle RAC Article:

Customers can run a single Oracle Database across several servers using Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) to increase availability, provide horizontal scalability, and access shared storage.

Overview of Oracle RAC Article
A cluster is made up of several connected computers or servers that, to end users and applications, function as a single server. You may cluster an Oracle database using Oracle RAC. Oracle RAC ties together numerous servers using Oracle Clusterware to make them function as a single system.

Overview of Oracle Clusterware for Oracle RAC Article

On all Oracle Database platforms, Oracle Clusterware offers a comprehensive, integrated clusterware administration solution. All of the features necessary to manage your cluster database are provided by this clusterware functionality, including node membership, group services, global resource management, and high availability features.

Oracle Clusterware installation is a precondition for Oracle RAC installation, however, it can also be done separately. Oracle Clusterware’s underlying techniques are used by Oracle Database features, including services, to enable sophisticated functionality. On particular platforms, Oracle Database still offers support for a few different third-party clusterware products.

Oracle RAC is the target audience for Oracle Clusterware, which is strongly connected with it. Manage high-availability operations in a cluster using Oracle Clusterware. The Oracle RAC database, along with the other necessary elements like the Virtual Internet Protocol (VIP) address, the Single Client Access Name (SCAN), the SCAN listener, the Oracle Notification Service, and the Oracle Net listeners, are registered with and managed by Oracle Clusterware when you create an Oracle RAC database using any of the management tools. When Oracle Clusterware begins the node, these resources are immediately launched, and if they fail, they are restarted as well. On each node, the Oracle Clusterware daemons are active.

A CRS resource is anything that Oracle Clusterware handles. A database, instance, service, or other resource can be a CRS resource.

Oracle Database 19c RAC On Oracle Linux 8 Using VirtualBox and Vagrant

This article explains how to install Oracle Database 19c RAC on Oracle Linux 8 “hands-off” without the use of any additional shared disc devices by utilizing VirtualBox and Vagrant.

Oracle RAC 19c Training In Hyderabad


If VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Oracle RAC Article are familiar to you, you might want to skip ahead to the GitHub repository and follow the simple instructions there.

Introduction Oracle RAC Article

The need for shared storage is one of the main barriers keeping people from establishing test RAC systems. Shared storage is frequently provided by a SAN or high-end NAS device in a production environment, however, both of these solutions are highly expensive if all you want to do is practice establishing and utilizing RAC. Virtualization can be used to simulate shared storage at a lower cost.

You can run both RAC nodes on a single server using VirtualBox by running multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) on that server. Additionally, it enables the creation of shared virtual discs, removing the difficulty presented by exorbitant shared storage.


Virtual RAC

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