By streamlining and automating common work processes, Service Now’s cloud-based workflow automation platform helps corporate organizations increase operational efficiencies.
ServiceNow, which has its origins in IT service management, has advanced to become the enterprise service management platform for businesses, bringing together all operational areas including security, human resources, and customer service.

One of the few software platforms, Service Now, can demonstrate a quick return on investment and continue to provide significant value as an organization increases its use of it.

ServiceNow Training

It might be difficult to decide which technology solutions are worth your money when there are so many vying for your attention. What you need to know about Service Now and why it differs from “just another cloud platform” is provided below.

In the current digital environment, no company can remain competitive without making investments in the cloud. Businesses constantly seek new methods of operation as they aim to strike a balance between the three pillars of innovation, efficiency, and return on investment.

Service Now is quickly emerging as the go-to platform for enhancing how businesses function in a way that positions them for future success among the industry’s titans of cloud solutions.

What gives, though? What precisely is ServiceNow, and how might it be of use to you? Fear not; in this blog, we’ll address all of your concerns and more, making it clear why all the commotion is being made and why you should pay attention.

Service Now explained

Service Now is a workflow automation platform for enterprise organizations that was founded in 2003.

Why does that matter? Consider it as a platform that connects every component of your IT network, combines it with business and personnel needs, and manages everything from a single location.

ServiceNow started out in the field of IT service management (ITSM) as an IT workflow system based on forms stored in the cloud.

Fred Luddy, the company’s founder, launched ServiceNow as a rival to IBM and HP in the ITSM industry. Building a cloud-based platform with the goal of streamlining and automating repetitive labour procedures was intended to increase efficiency.

What is ServiceNow used for?

Systems that design, manage, automate, and structure IT services for businesses are set up using ServiceNow. Consider it as a tool that enables you to create and track tickets as well as handle and organise routine IT service requests.

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