What is Oracle SOA?

What is Oracle SOA?

What is Oracle SOA?
Oracle SOA Suite enables developers to build services and manage them. The services here can be applied to the business process and the composite applications. Today organizations can easily extend and evolve the architectures with hot-pluggable components from the oracle suite. Moreover, with the utilization of Oracle SOA, the replacement of existing requirements will not be required. Here the oracle corporation will share the product strategy, product details, as well as customer experience relating to the Oracle Suite.
This Oracle SOA Suite was initially started in June 2014 and 12C is the latest version. The development of the Oracle SOA suite was done to cope with the goals of infrastructure flexibility, business integration, increased applications, and reduced costs.

Why SOA?
The Oracle corporation has brought SOA due to the following reasons:
Today IT firms should be able to take the challenge of interacting with an array of software systems that may not be compactable under all circumstances. Hence IT firms need to face the demands by putting forward with a wide array of customers. Here the customers are accessing the products and services through online interfaces that are a part of supply chain management, where the cost and the time of production need to be decreased. Hence IT Companies were looking for solutions to meet the demands. The main reason for the implementation of SOA is to have a standard for the representation of software products. Even though SOA is not a completely new concept but it has many standard setups by the internet like HTTP and HTML. Today the businesses that have a mandatory need for the internet were using similar principles to get the computer systems linked.
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