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About Course

Our IT business analyst examines the systems, programs, and data of businesses with a primary focus on information technology. These business analysts are responsible for determining system requirements and data requirements to improve the efficiency of processes or to make it easier to design custom software. Enrol today to earn your certification.

IT Business Analyst Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to IT Business Analyst
Project vs product-based companies
Importance of BA in the industry
Roles and Responsibilities of IT Business Analyst
Skills requirements for the role
Tools That BAuse
SDLC (software Development life cycle)
Different models in SDLC

✔ Waterfall model
✔ V Model
✔ Agile Methodology

✔ SCRUM Framework

✔ User stories
✔ Product backlog
✔ Sprint Planning Etc.

Knowledge areas of BA

✔ Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
✔ Enterprise analysis

✔ Objective, needs, and scope
✔ Need analysis
✔ Scope (Identification, solution, creep)
✔ Business case and business architecture
✔ GAP analysis
✔ Feasibility study
✔ Business analysis techniques


✔ Requirement planning and management

✔ Create a project plan
✔ Change management
✔ Stakeholder analysis

✔ About stakeholder
✔ Identify stakeholder

✔ Techniques for stakeholder analysis

✔ RASCI Matrix

✔ Requirement elicitation

✔ Facilitation requirement gathering workshop ( JAD )

✔ Requirements analysis and documentation

✔ Requirements and Types

✔ Business, user, functional, and non-functional requirements

✔ Requirements communication

✔ Presentation of requirements to the technical team

✔ Solution assessment

Software Engineering

✔ Introduction to software engineering
✔ Object-oriented analysis & design

✔ UML (Unified Modeling language )

✔ History of UML
✔ Why it is used
✔ UML Diagrams using rational rose

✔ Use case Diagram
✔ Sequence diagram
✔ Collaboration diagram

Importance of Data base in Project
Different types of data bases
IT Business Analyst role in database
Importance of Testing in software industry
STLC (software testing life cycle)

✔ Role of a BA during testing

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IT Business Analyst Training FAQ'S

What is the difference between a Data Analyst and IT Business Analyst?

Let’s look at a brief comparison of Business Analysts vs Data Analysts.

Sl.noData AnalystBusiness Analyst
1The role requires more problem-solving skills and data analysis skillsIt requires more decision-making and data visualization skills
2It is more of an operational role in the organization.It is more of a strategic role in the organization.
3It requires knowledge of statistics, SQL, data mining, etc.Knowledge of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, etc. is required for this role.
What are the different tools used in IT Business Analyst?

Here is the list of Business Analytics Tools:

1. MS Office and SQL
2. Blueprint
3. Python and R Programming
4. QlikView and Tableau
5. Axure

Differentiate between Agile and Waterfall models.
Sl. No.Agile ModelWaterfall Model
1Flexible in natureStructured software development methodology
2Focuses on customer satisfaction, majorlyThe internal process does not require customer participation
3Flexible to changes in requirementRequirements must be clearly defined; changes are difficult to implement
4Incremental approachSequential design process
5Testing can be done in every phaseTesting is performed only in the final phase
What is the purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

The prerequisite The goal of the traceability matrix (RTM), which is used to record all of the requirements provided by a customer, is to ensure that all of the aforementioned requirements are satisfied. (Business Analyst for IT)

What is business process modeling in IT Business Analyst?

Business process management, which is used to enhance the business process, includes business process modeling. It is a representation of a company’s operational procedures. (Business Analyst for IT)

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