SAP UI5-FIORI Certification Training

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About Course

Our SAP UI5-FIORI is the user interface/ user experience application launched by SAP. It can be considered as a user experience approach, adopted by users and business partners for apps. It was launched to offer a consistent user experience for all. Over the years, SAP Fiori has been adopted by companies to replace the traditional SAP GUI. This has enhanced their business revenue and growth. Enroll now and get certified in it. (SAP UI5-FIORI)

SAP UI5-FIORI Training Course Syllabus

✔ Creating our first web page
✔ Line breaks, paragraphs, and headers
✔ Bold, italics, and comments
✔ Lists
✔ Linking to another page
✔ images
✔ directory structures
✔ New audio tag, New video tag
✔ Table

✔ External style sheet
✔ Font properties
✔ CSS comments
✔ Box model, padding, border, margin, padding
✔ Classes
✔ Div and Span
✔ Working with colors
✔ Background images
✔ ID's, child selectors, pseudo-classes
✔ Styling links, styling lists

✔ Document Object Model
✔ Relating HTML Elements

✔ Introduction to JavaScript
✔ Statements and Comments
✔ Finding Errors
✔ Variables, Data Types
✔ Operators
✔ Strings
✔ Events
✔ Functions, Functions with Parameters
✔ Functional with Multiple Parameters
✔ Variable scope
✔ Arrays
✔ Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch
✔ While loop, for loop
✔ Objects, properties, and methods
✔ Referencing elements in JavaScript
✔ Changing an image source
✔ Radio buttons, Check Boxes
✔ Creating HTML Element
✔ Modifying HTML Elements
✔ Regular Expressions
✔ Prototype in Javascript
✔ Javascript Literals
✔ Javascript Objects, properties, and functions

✔ Selectors
✔ Events
✔ DOM Manipulation

✔ Installing SAPUI5

✔ SAPUI5 Tools
✔ Documentation

✔ Before you Start
✔ MVC Architecture
✔ Naming Conventions for Control and Application Development
✔ Browser and Platform Matrixes
✔ Compatibility Rules
✔ Security Information for SAPUI5
✔ Getting Started with SAPUI5

✔ Create Your First SAPUI5 Application
✔ Create Your First Mobile SAPUI5 Application
✔ Develop Your First Application using SAPUI5 Tools
✔ Testing SAPUI5 Applications

✔ Concepts

✔ Model View Controller (MVC)
✔ Resource Handling
✔ Libraries
✔ SAPUI5 Components
✔ Fragments

✔ Application Best Practice

✔ Preparing
✔ Building

✔ Initializing and Loading SAPUI5

✔ Bootstrapping: Loading and Initializing SAPUI5 in HTML Pages
✔ Initialization Process
✔ Configuration of the SAPUI5 Runtime

✔ Models and Data Binding

✔ Data Binding: Getting Started
✔ Models and Data Binding in Applications

✔ Building the UI

✔ Instantiating Views
✔ Implementing XML Views
✔ Typed Views and Controllers
✔ File Names and Locations (View and Controller)
✔ View Cloning
✔ Support for Unique IDs
✔ Fragments
✔ HTML Templating in SAPUI5
✔ Navigation
✔ Working with Controls in SAPUI5

✔ Structuring SAPUI5 Applications

✔ Modularization and Resource Handling
✔ SAPUI5 Components

✔ Translating SAPUI5 Applications

✔ Identifying the Language Code / Locale
✔ Resource Bundles
✔ Use of Localized Texts in Applications
✔ Support Translation

✔ Component.js

✔ Example: Component Configuration
✔ Controller Extension
✔ Controller Replacement
✔ I18n Resource Text Customization

✔ Building Mobile Applications with SAPUI5

✔ Handling Navigation and Lifecycle Events
✔ Working with Lists and Tables
✔ Triggering Phone, SMS and E-Mail
✔ Scrolling in SAPUI5 Mobile
✔ Using Images in Mobile Applications
✔ Message Handling

✔ Troubleshooting

✔ Debugging
✔ Logging and Tracing
✔ Troubleshooting: Common Issues
✔ Browser Debugging for ABAP Developers

✔ Testing in SAPUI5
✔ Developing Content for SAPUI5

✔ Development Conventions and Guidelines

✔ Introduction to Fiori Elements

✔ Create a new SAPUI5 application
✔ Development process overview
✔ Development environment overview
✔ Deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository


✔ Master Detail view
✔ Routing
✔ sap.m.Table
✔ sap.m.List API
✔ sap.m.Icontabbar API
✔ Fragments
✔ Extension of Fiori Apps

✔ Rapid Fiori Content Activation
✔ Theme Design
✔ Building Catalogs & Groups
✔ Assigning Catalogs & groups to Roles
✔ Assigning Roles to users
✔ Setting up the Fiori Launchpad

✔ Introduction NetWeaver Gateway
✔ NetWeaver Gateway Usage
✔ Gateway Architecture overview
✔ Technical Components Involved
✔ Introduction to REST
✔ Introduction to OData

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Just like any other HTML5 client-side rendering library SAPUI5 is also one. SAPUI5 strictly follows RIA (Rich Internet Application) standards. It is based on JavaScript which provides a lightweight programming model for desktop as well as mobile applications.

Our Page: VISWA Online Trainings

As the HTML5 world is the new age front technology across all aspects of internet applications SAP was kind of trailing in this age because SAP was using age-old WebDynpro for building SAP Web Applications which lacks in rich and user-friendly UI. SAP identified this and came up with its own custom HTML5 library i.e. SAPUI5. (SAP UI5-FIORI)

Component or Component.js is the first point of our application or we can say bthat it serves as index which encapsulates all our applications details i.e. view names, routing details, main view, applications type(Full Screen or SplitApp), application service configuration, etc..

SAP has supplied a Shell, also known as a single point place, from which we can access all Fiori apps. This website acts as the landing page for any Fiori apps that have been delivered. It illustrates a user interface based on tiles, and each UI tile will return you to the associated Fiori applicationFiori Launchpad can be completely customized to fulfill your needs, including the application of themes and other aspects.

When we need to change the backend property data on the front end, we need to use a formatter. (SAP UI5-FIORI)

When we bind data to a property, we can use format like this:

oControl = new sap.ui.commons.TextField({
value : {path : "/path," formatter : function(oEvent){
return "Value:" +oEvent;


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