Oracle Access Management (OAM) Training

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About Course

Our OAM (Oracle Access Management) is the foundation of the new Oracle Access Management platform. Access Manager provides the core functionality of Web Single Sign On(SSO), authentication, authorization, centralized policy administration, agent management, real-time session management, and auditing. Enroll now and get certified in it.

OAM Training Course Syllabus

✔ Explain the salient features of Oracle Access Manager
✔ Explain the key products that comprise the Oracle Access Management Suite
✔ Explain the functional areas for each of the Oracle Access Management products
✔ Explain Oracle Access Manager's overall architecture
✔ Explain Oracle Access Manager run-time architecture
✔ Identify key Oracle Access Manager 11g R2 new features
✔ OIF enhancements to the OAM admin console to support SP functionality
✔ SAML attributes can be configured for OAM policy, SAML attributes can be used by OAAM risk analysis

✔ Describe basic concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server
✔ Explain key definitions and terminologies
✔ Describe the prerequisites for installing Oracle Access Manager
✔ Install Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
✔ Configure seeded database schemas by using the Repository Creation Utility
✔ Install and configure Oracle Access Manager
✔ Perform post-installation validation checks
✔ Perform an uninstallation

✔ Manage Servers using OAM Administration Console and Oracle Web Logic Server Admin Console
✔ Manage data sources - User Identity Store
✔ Detached Credential Collector
✔ Installing and Configuring Agents
✔ Registering Agents – OAM Admin Console, In-Band, Out-of-Band Understanding WLS Agents
✔ Manage agents using OAM Admin Console Secure Communication between WebGate and OAM Server Working with certificates - End-To-End SSL, certificates, real-world SSL implementation for OAM deployments
✔ Extends 11g Webgate with an option to enable Credential Collection capability (Authentication Gate)
✔ Separating from server operations, External (Distributed) Credential Collector (Collect in DMZ)

✔ Explain Access Control - Authentication and Authorization
✔ Authentication Modules and Schemes
✔ Understanding Policy Objects and Policy Model
✔ Two-factor/Multi-factor authentication
✔ Complex LDAP AuthZ and Response Filters
✔ Resource matching and Excluded resources
✔ Authorization expressions
✔ LDAP search Filter support

✔ OAM single sign-on and single logout
✔ Sessions life cycle, caching, and cookies
✔ Configuring single sign-on and single logout
✔ Customizing the ECC login and logout pages
✔ Customizing user-defined error msgs
✔ Implementations of custom login pages for DCC
✔ Impersonation
✔ Errors codes, information, and password policy validation errors

✔ Protecting WLS applications with OAM
✔ Identity assertion providers
✔ OAM authenticator

✔ Fusion Middleware audit framework
✔ Audit output options
✔ Configure audit settings
✔ Audited events and recorded data
✔ Generating audit reports
✔ Configuring logging settings
✔ Locating and examining logging output
✔ Locating log files from other servers

✔ Work with Access Tester
✔ Identifying connectivity issues between agents and servers (impact of load balancers and firewalls)
✔ Understand OAM-specific WLST commands
✔ Work with Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
✔ Explain EM FMW Control integration
✔ Server processes and charts
✔ Topology viewer
✔ Farm and domain

✔ Using ASDK 11g R2 to create access client
✔ Compatability between ASDK 10g and ASDK 11g
✔ Overview of custom authentication plugins and their life cycle
✔ Using extensibility APIs to create Custom Authentication plugins
✔ Development methodology - Decision point vs Hard coded
✔ Multifactor authentication
✔ Brief primer on APIs
✔ Integrating OAM 11g R2 with RSA Authentication manager 7.x

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OAM Training FAQ'S

Single Sign-On allows users to sign on once to a protected application and gain access to the other protected resources within the same domain defined with same authentication level.

Multi-Domain SSO gives users the ability to access more than one protected resource (URL and Applications), which are scattered across multiple domains with one-time authentication.

ObSSOCookie and it is stateless.

Open: Allows unencrypted communication. In Open mode, there is no authentication or encryption between the AccessGate and Access Server. The AccessGate does not ask for proof of the Access Server’s identity and the Access Server accepts connections from all AccessGates. Similarly, Identity Server does not require proof of identity from WebPass. Simple: Supports encryption by Oracle. In Simple mode communications between Web clients (WebPass and Identity Server, Policy Manager and WebPass, and Access Server and WebGate are encrypted using TLS v1. In both Simple and Cert mode, Oracle Access Manager components use X.509 digital certificates only. This includes Cert Authentication between WebGates and the Access Server where the standard cert-decode plug-in  decodes the certificate and passes certificate information to the standard credential_mapping authentication plug-in. For each public key there exists a corresponding private key that Oracle Access Manager stores in the aaa_key.pem file for the Access Server (or ois_key.pem for Identity Server). Cert: Requires a third-party certificate. Use Cert (SSL) mode if you have an internal Certificate Authority (CA) for processing server certificates. In Cert mode, communication between WebGate and Access Server, and Identity Server and WebPass are encrypted using Transport Layer Security, RFC 2246 (TLS v1).

Oracle Access Manager architecture mainly consists for components such as Identity Server, WebPass, Policy Manager, Access Server and a WebGate. Identity Server is a standalone C++ server which communicates directly with LDAP. It also receives requests and sends response to Webpass. WebPass is a web server plugin that passes info between identity server and webserver. It redirects HTTP requests from browser to Access Server, and sends Identity XML SOAP requests to Identity Server. Policy Manager (PMP or PAP) is a web server plugin that communicates directly with user, configuration and policy repositories. Access Server is a stand alone C++ server and is also called PDP. It receives requests from & sends responses to WebGates/AccessGates. It also communicates with LDAP. It answers Access Server SDK requests. WebGate (PEP) is a web server plugin that passes info between webserver and access server. It passes user authentication data to access server for processing.

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