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About Course

SharePoint understands the need for a top-notch training program along with actual implementation experience as the cornerstone of your future career. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that enables organizations to share and manage material, knowledge, and applications to foster collaboration, make information easy to discover, and improve communication throughout the entire organization. Enrol right away to get certified.

SharePoint Training Course Syllabus

Share-Point Introduction

✔ What is Share Point
✔ High-Level Features
✔ Six Pillars of SharePoint 2013
✔ History of Share Point
✔ Components in Share Point

SharePoint Site Hierarchy, Lists

✔ Web Application
✔ Site Collection
✔ Creating Site and Sub Site in Share Point
✔ SharePoint site Home Page.
✔ Overview of Lists
✔ Create Custom List/Library
✔ Add Content Type and Custom Columns
✔ Site Columns and Groups


✔ Sort and Filter List items

✔ Create / Manage List View


✔ Working with Quota Templates
✔ Save Site as Template
✔ Create Site from Template
✔ List Template
✔ Versioning of Data

Out of Box List & Libraries

✔ Out of box Lists
✔ box Libraries
✔ Editing Document properties
✔ Version Settings
✔ Check out, edit, and check in files
✔ Create folders and navigate between them
✔ Adding Documents into the library
✔ Document Template
✔ Document Workspace
✔ Creating Survey in SharePoint

Introduction to Central Administration

✔ SharePoint Server Central Administration

✔ Understanding Service Applications

User Groups and Permissions

✔ Authentication vs Authorization
✔ SharePoint Groups
✔ Creating Custom Permissions Groups
✔ Granting Permission to User/groups

Permission levels

✔ To Create a Custom Permission level
✔ To bind Users/Groups and Permission Level
✔ Managing Permissions in Subsite
✔ Allow Users to create their own site
✔ To Set Site Confirmation and Deletion of unused sites
✔ Permissions for Lists / Libraries / List Items

Introduction to managed metadata

✔ Taxonomy & Folksonomy in SharePoint
✔ Term Set
✔ Terms
✔ Groups
✔ Term Store management tool
✔ Benefits of managed metadata

✔ Purpose of Enterprise Search solution
✔ Microsoft Server Side Search Products
✔ What’s New in SharePoint Search Server 2013
✔ Logical architecture for the Enterprise Search Components
✔ Setting up Search Service Application
✔ Configuring Crawler Settings
✔ Queries and Results Settings
✔ Search Administration at the Site Collection Level
✔ Creating Keywords, Definitions, Best Bets, and Synonyms
✔ Creating Search Scopes

Introduction to visual Studio Server Object Model(SOM)

✔ Understanding available SharePoint features
✔ Using Microsoft.SharePoint.DLL
✔ Site Architecture and Object Overview
✔ SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and more


✔ Sample Programs to understand the Object Model

Understand Event Receivers in 2013

✔ Event Handlers – Before events and After Events.
✔ Event receiver base classes
✔ Registering Event Handlers
✔ Example of Before Events
✔ Alternatives in Sharepoint online

Timer Jobs

✔ Timer jobs need
✔ how to create timer jobs
✔ advantages of timer jobs


✔ Managed Object Model(CSOM)
✔ JavaScript Client Object Model(JSOM)
✔ Using SharePoint Web Services in Client Application
✔ ECMA Script
✔ Sample Programs to understand the Object Model
✔ Basic CRUD Operations, Build CAML Queries

Web parts

✔ Overview of Web Parts
✔ Web Part Page Structure
✔ Common Web Parts(OOB Webparts)
✔ Manage Web Part

Designer and Visual StudioWorkflows

✔ Overview of Workflow
✔ Workflow Authoring using SharePoint Designer 2013
✔ Types of workflows
✔ Understand the feasibility of designer workflow
✔ What are Share Point custom workflows
✔ Implementation of workflows


✔ What is flow

✔ How to create a flow

✔ Uses and feasibility of flows

App Models

✔ Share Point hosted Model

✔ Provider Hosted Model


✔ App Catalog

✔ Nintex Actions available in O365

✔ Nintex Forms

✔ Create Sample Workflows


✔ Infopath Form rules

✔ Data Validations

✔ Share point Integration

✔ Conditional Formatiing

Branding and Business connectivity Services

✔ Branding Site Look and Feel
✔ Working with Entities and Methods
✔ Type Descriptor
✔ Using Data in External List
✔ Granting Permissions to the BDC List


Powershell Scripting

✔ Basic Operations
✔ Backup, Restoration
✔ Locking Unlocking Site collections, etc..
✔ Deployments

  1. Migration Plan and Overview of Reports

✔ ShareGate and Metalogix
✔ Options Available in Tool
✔ Requirements and limitations for migration
✔ Observations while migration in Progress
✔ Inventory Reports
✔ Share point Logs


✔ Pre-Migration Check
✔ Post-migration check

Finding Solutions for Migration Issues

✔ Web part zone alignment
✔ Basic CSS Stylings
✔ Branding, logo, and navigations
✔ Content Mismatches
✔ Lookups columns
✔ Checkout documents
✔ Navigations

Visual Web parts

✔ Creating Custom Web Parts in VS.NET
✔ Add Web Part to Gallery
✔ Adding Web Part to Page from Gallery
✔ Connecting Web Parts

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SharePoint Training FAQ'S

What do you know about Share Point?

Microsoft created Share Point, a web-based platform for building websites. It primarily handles online application development and content administration by offering potent capabilities like content organization, knowledge sharing, teamwork, and information management. With an internet connection, it may be accessed from anywhere in the world.

What are the important features of SharePoint?

A list of features of Share Point is given below.

  1. Social Computing
  2. Rich UI
  3. Business Search Engine
  4. Mobile App Integration
  5. Azure Search
  6. Outlook Integration
  7. Site Mailbox
  8. Enterprise search
  9. Cloud App Model (CAM)
  10. Improved discussion forums
Why do we use SharePoint?
  • Share documents? SharePoint allows you to store and share documents with multiple employees at the same time.
  • Business Intelligence? SharePoint allows you to organize the data to make better decision-making relationships between different queries based on graphs and charts.
  • Collaboration? Through SharePoint, employees can collect information from different sources in a central location. Therefore, Share Point helps you to increase the use of technology.
  • Document Management? SharePoint offers better document management capability, like adding the permissions such as who can access a particular document and who can’t access these documents.
  • Websites? SharePoint allows you to build and manage public websites. As it is a CMS (Content Management System), it also allows non-technical users to create, modify, and delete websites easily.
How many versions of SharePoint are available?
  • Share Point 2001
  • SharePoint server portal 2003
  • Share Point 2007
  • Share Point 2010
  • Share Point 2013
  • Share Point 2016
  • Share Point 2019
  • Share Point Online

Get ahead in your career by learning Share Point through VISWA Online Trainings

How many types of forms can be created in a Share Point workflow?
  • Task edits
  • Modification
  • Association
  • Installation


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